A group of GEO arrives at the Ukrainian border to ensure the passage of Spaniards

Twenty policemen from the Special Operations Group (GEO) have arrived at the Polish border with Ukraine to ensure the passage of the two convoys with Spanish citizens who voluntarily left the country at the beginning of the war with Russia, including the Spanish ambassador to Ukraine.

Sources from the Ministry of the Interior have informed Efe of the arrival at the border of this support team, which will be added to the GEOs that are escorting the two convoyswhich “continue to advance” albeit slowly “due to the large number of vehicles trying to leave the country.”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, Jose Manuel Albaresreported this Saturday in an act that the first convoy, with 52 people, is “about to cross the border” from Ukraine to Poland, and the second, with just over 90 people, including the Spanish ambassador to Ukraine and the last remaining members of the diplomatic staff, is still halfway there.

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Albares commented that it is “impossible” to know when they will reach the border with Poland due to the “overwhelming situation and almost chaos” at this point, since “what normally takes minutes is taking 20 or 25 hours.”

“The Ukrainian Foreign Minister is facilitating access and vehicles are going to be provided so that they can access more easily,” he added.

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