A group of Boixos Nois destroys a bar in Cornellà

  • According to the Mossos d’Esquadra, on occasions, the bar is frequented by members of the Blue and White Brigades

  • The owner of the premises affirms that in his bar “many radicals do not stop” and that, at the time of the attack, “there were families with children and the elderly”

A fight in the Cornellà bar The hunters (Baix Llobregat) last Sunday he left two wounded and several damage to the premises, an establishment located a few meters from the stadium RCDE Spanish and that it had traditionally been frequented before the matches by members of the Blue and White Brigades, ‘ultra’ group related to Espanyol.

Javier Haro, the bar owner, explains that a group of about ten people entered his establishment shouting “We are the Boixos Nois“and that” they threw the chairs that had been outside against the windows and they went inside, threw down stools, the tobacco machine and made a mess. ”

The events occurred on Sunday, November 28, around 2 p.m., when a group of persons got out of three cars armed with hammers and batons and, according to police sources, they started a discussion with some clients which led to a fight.

Various patrols of the Mossos d’Esquadra and of Emergency System Medical (SEM) traveled to the scene, but the alleged attackers they were already gone. According to the Mossos, the altercation ended with two people injured, one of them the bar worker and a young man of 18 years.

According to Javier Haro, “many radicals don’t stop at his place. They stop at other establishments” and he asserts that, referring to the Boixos Nois group, “they came to destroy my bar when there were families with children and the elderly“.

As they have pointed out different media, the aggression was a response from the Boxwoods to an attack carried out this week by radicals from the Benfica, and with a supposed collaboration of the hand of Blue and White Brigades, to a bar near the Barça stadium.

Operation against the Boixos Nois

Last week detained 14 members de los Boixos Nois in Sabadell. Those arrested were charged with crimes of drug trafficking, sexual exploitation of women, illegal possession of weapons or money laundering, among others. Seven of them have entered prison.

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The agents entered and searched 18 homes and premises, where they found ten firearms, numerous knives, a kilo of cocaine, more than 5,000 marijuana plants and 42 kilos of buds, as well as different narcotic substances such as pink cocaine and hashish

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