Can become the next feminism dispute. The debate is not new, but the echo from America, added to the howling polarization, can dress it in new clothes that make it the umpteenth point of friction.

The Supreme of USA has started the debate on the right to abortion. The conservative majority that Donald Trump left tied and tightly bound invites concern. In 1973, abortion was considered an American constitutional right. The limit was established between 22 and 24 weeks of gestation. Since then, there are multiple initiatives that have tried to laminate the law. The future decision of the Supreme Court may open the door for states to decide whether to restrict or even prohibit abortion in their territory.

On Latin America, the decriminalization of abortion is progressing with exasperating slowness. The prohibition of some countries continues to lacerate the lives of women. A step back in the US could further poison a debate weighed down by Catholic reactionism and structural machismo.

We know the patriarchal vision of opposition to abortion. A discourse that has its roots in religion. Faced with Judaism or Islam, which allow abortion if the mother’s life is in danger, the Catholic Church is totally opposed. But this position was not unanimous until 1869. It was Pius IX who challenged canonical tradition and determined that embryos possess a soul from their conception. The sacredness of the fetus has endured and the Church dictates that her life is worth the same as that of the pregnant woman. But is that true? There are too many cases in which, in the fight for survival, the life of the mother is sacrificed.

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Yes, we know the anti-abortion arguments anchored in conservatism, but Can current feminism embrace anti-abortion positions? Tish Harrison Warrens, a priest of the Anglican Church and the author of numerous essays and articles, stated last Sunday in ‘The New York Times’ that the feminist movement needs anti-abortionists: “If to be a feminist you cannot simply be against the oppression of women, but you must also support abortion or other center-left causes, then feminism does not exist really like movement. It is simply pro-abortion progressivism marketed to women (& mldr;) If the millions of American women who oppose abortion are expelled, we will fail to address the serious issues facing women & rdquor ;.

Can anti-abortion arguments be dressed in clothes supposedly close to the left? Can a fiction be constructed that manipulates the theses until they are closer to those of the extreme right? How would it sound? Take inspiration from some of the approaches to anti-trans doctrine it may offer more than one clue. Here’s an attempt:

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The defense of the vulnerable cannot have limits. If we want to be the voice of those who have no voice, a fetus is the most helpless being on the planet. It is the neoliberal market that makes our lives precarious and makes upbringing impossible. A market that subjects a woman’s body to traumatic treatments that affect her body and her mental balance. How can we report animal cruelty and tolerate this? [El interrogante se ilustraría con aquellas imágenes terribles de fetos destrozados que se mostraban en las escuelas católicas de los años 70]. It is an unjust patriarchal system that places the burden of upbringing on women. This is what must be changed and not perpetuate with the death of innocents gender roles that allow men to ignore their responsibility. It is discrimination that must end, not life. How many women have not regretted their terrible decision? [Fácil encontrar testimonios]. Abortion is adult and patriarchal violence. Let’s not erase the children.

Beyond some manifestations of a personal nature, there is no anti-abortion current on the left. This is a purely fictional exercise. Just one example of how you can bend a speech, park ethics, kneel in caricature and let the tension do its thing. Amazing? Let’s remember the strength, unity and unstoppable drive of the first feminist strike, in 2018. And let’s look at each other now.

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