A few thousand people demonstrate in Paris against the health pass

A few thousand demonstrators again took to the streets of Paris on Saturday September 25, at the beginning of the afternoon, to denounce the health pass and the vaccination obligation of caregivers for the eleventh weekend in a row, noted a journalist from Agence France-Presse (AFP).

A large police force was mobilized around the procession, which left the Gare de Lyon (in the 12e arrondissement) to the Sacré-Coeur (18e arrondissement). In total, four processions were expected in the streets of the capital, according to a police source, specifying that between 60,000 and 80,000 demonstrators were to demonstrate throughout France. They were around 80,000 last week, according to the Interior Ministry, and 121,000 the week before.

“We’re here, even if Macron doesn’t want to, we’re here”, chanted the demonstrators leaving the esplanade of the Gare de Lyon. “I demonstrate every weekend because our freedom has been robbed”, explains Annick Gauthier, 65, who came in a group from Val-de-Marne with a few “yellow vests” friends. “I am demonstrating against Macron and his liberticidal measures. I am not vaccinated, I do not trust. But I may be obliged if the tests become paying ”, said Tristan, 72-year-old retiree, “” Yellow vest “from the first hour”.

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The health pass soon to be extended

A bill to extend the health pass beyond November 15 will be presented on October 13 in the Council of Ministers. The health pass became compulsory on July 21 in places accommodating more than 50 people. It was then extended to hospitals except emergencies, bars and restaurants, large shopping centers by prefectural decision and on August 30 to 1.8 million employees in contact with the public. On September 30, it is to be extended to minors aged 12 to 17.

This new day of mobilization comes as more than 50 million French people have received at least one injection of the vaccine and the decline in Covid-19 patients continues in France: on Friday, just over 8,100 people were hospitalized against more from 9,000 a week ago. Of these patients, more than 1,500 were in intensive care.

The government announced on Wednesday the lifting from October 4 of the obligation to wear a mask in primary school in the departments least affected by the Covid-19 epidemic.

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