A car has destroyed several terraces in Marbella, specifically on Miguel Cano avenue, leaving five injured. The driver was accompanied by his parents when he hit these clients of the Casa Blanca tavern. Of the ten injured people, two have already been transferred to a hospital in Malaga capital.

So far, a dozen injured have been counted; all of them are being treated in a hospital in Marbella. Two of these injured have been referred to a hospital in Malaga capital (one with particularly relevant injuries).

The events have occurred around the 15:25. Residents of the area have heard a great roar Because the vehicle has swept away everything on the street, from the Marbella bar to the jewelry store at the end of the road.

The young man had a driver’s license and he has tested negative for alcohol and drugs, assure sources close to him. “It was neither an attack nor the detainee is a suicide. He was with his parents in the vehicle and we are investigating,” say municipal sources.

A neighbor has come out to the balcony to see what happened. “The individual who was carrying the vehicle has been taken away by five or six agents. He has resisted. The person inside the vehicle has tried to attack them”, has related a person from the neighborhood.

The 112 has received multiple calls from the neighbors as a result of the outrage massive in Marbella. At that time the ambulance operatives have acted and have ensured that at least five were injured. One of them much more serious.

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The terrorist attack is ruled out

Sources from the National Police confirm the arrest of the driver of the vehicle, a 30-year-old man of Spanish nationality, in relation to the events. The terrorist etiology as the cause of the accident is ruled out. Proceedings continue to be carried out to fully clarify the facts.


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