Duhamel case: A disciplinary investigation initiated by the Paris Bar (Archives) – AFP

The Paris Bar has initiated a disciplinary investigation against political scientist Olivier Duhamel, who is also a lawyer, accused of incest towards his stepson in the late 1980s, we learned on Monday, confirming information from the
Parisian and

The President of the Bar of Paris, Me Olivier Cousi, confirmed that the council of the Paris Bar Association voted on Tuesday, December 16, to open a disciplinary investigation against Olivier Duhamel. This procedure, like any disciplinary procedure initiated by the Council of the Order, should have remained “confidential”, he noted.

“The profession of lawyer is a profession of oath”

“The order is doing its work, has an important activity concerning the self-regulation and the control of the professional exercise of all the lawyers”, added Me Cousi.

“The profession of lawyer is a profession of oath. From the moment when information arrives to verify – everyone benefits from the presumption of innocence -, it is necessary to make an instruction and to determine if when a lawyer has taken the oath, he has concealed or lied or said things which are not exact. . If this is the case, it poses a problem of maintaining or respecting the essential principles of our profession, ”detailed the chairman.

The file is entrusted to an investigating body which has four months to submit a report, then entrusted to a disciplinary body which will proceed in an adversarial manner. This can range from the observation that there is no fault, to temporary prohibitions from practicing, or even the definitive removal from the bar.

Having been sworn in at the Paris bar in December 2010, Olivier Duhamel joined the firm of lawyer Jean Veil. At World, the latter assured to have been informed of these charges of incest “between 2008 and 2011”. Could disciplinary proceedings also concern him? “For the moment, the question has not been asked,” replied Me Olivier Cousi.

In a book published in early January, The Big Family, Camille Kouchner accuses her stepfather of having sexually assaulted his twin brother when he was a teenager. The Paris public prosecutor’s office opened on January 5 a preliminary investigation for “rape and sexual assault by a person having authority over a minor of 15 years”.

The political scientist had resigned from all of his functions: in addition to the presidency of the National Foundation for Political Science (FNSP), which oversees Sciences Po, he also left that of the influential club “Le Siècle” and stopped his broadcasts on LCI or Europe 1.


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