In ‘First Dates’ Participants come with all kinds of tastes and hobbies that surprise the viewers of the Cuatro program. In a recent installment, a set of statements from one of the young people who were looking for a partner They left the waiters and presenters shocked.

Carlos Sobera received a boy on the show who wanted to fall in love and get married in style. Kevin recognized as soon as he arrived at the dating format that it was somewhat peculiar and that he liked it a lot dress up at home

When the presenter was interested in his tastes, the boy was honest to the surprise of those present: “I run dressed as a princess”, he expressed. The bachelor explained that he likes Disney a lot and that he usually goes to Disneyland several times a year to participate in some competitions in which he runs with his own dress.

Shortly after introducing himself, he met Melodía, the girl who proposed the program to him as a possible partner for the evening. The girl was not very favorable to get married on a float and set it in the Disney world, although she found it a bit adorable: “That means it’s a man with a child inside.”

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