The Barcelona City Guard has arrested a man accused of attacking early this Friday with flammable liquid to two homeless on Drassanes avenue in Barcelona, A Man and a Woman, who have been injured by minor burns.

The detainee is a regular man on the street in the same area and has already been handed over by the Urbana to the Mossos d’Esquadra, who have opened an investigation into this attack, in which they are pending taking statements from the arrested person and the victims. , as well as witnesses, sources close to the case have informed Efe.

The events occurred around eight in the morning, when a man sprayed flammable liquid on two homeless couples who were with their belongings on Drassanes Avenue.

Due to the aggression, the woman, about 30 years old, and her partner have suffered minor injuries from burns -she on her face-, but they have been able to go to a health center on their own two feet to be treated, and there is no fear for his life.

attempted murder

Around nine in the morning, even before the suspect was arrested, the deputy mayor for Security in Barcelona, ‚Äč‚ÄčAlbert Batlle, referred to the case as an attempted homicide, with only one victim -the woman-, with the first information available to him, barely an hour after the events occurred.

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However, it will be the police investigation that will determine if the attacker, who according to the sources consulted is a man who usually also hangs around the area where the events occurred, has acted with the intention of killing the two homeless.

Urbana agents have gone to the place of the attack, where they have been able to obtain a description of the alleged perpetrator, whom they have located around 11:00 am in the surroundings, for which they have arrested him and handed him over to the Mossos d’Esquadra who are in charge of the investigation.

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