A day without companies. It seems that the worst enemy at this time are the companies, however, to think of a day without them is to think of a paralysis of the economy, bankruptcy in the pockets of Mexicans and even the government.

However, to speak of the business association is to speak of businesses that are less than two years old, that are seen to be diluted due to lack of support, that face a dilemma of paying taxes, requirements with such adherence to many laws that on many occasions we they comment, they seem endless.

Today, private companies support the economy, if we talk about SMEs they are 87% of companies, and if we talk about large companies they are 2% of companies but they represent more than 80% of the labor contribution, taxes and investment that exists in this area.

However, two years after the pandemic, private investment is in decline with a drop of 11%, compared to the levels in 2018.

And although the labor market shows signs of recovery. However, during the pandemic, especially in 2021, official data revealed insufficient employment and the increase in informality, which generated greater vulnerability in the country’s workers and prevented a more competitive labor market.

It seems that government infrastructure works such as the Mayan Train and the Dos Bocas Refinery are increasing employment in the southeast of the country, the states of Tabasco, Quintana Roo and Baja California Sur stood out with annual increases above 16 percent.

Tabasco is at a maximum level of employment in all history of 220 thousand jobs.

Quintana Roo was the entity most affected as a result of the effects of the pandemic. In the first 3 months of 2022, there is an average annual creation of 19%, which reaches a level of 446 thousand jobs affiliated with the IMSS.

But, these figures are far from the reality of other data. April has been a month marked by the Electrical Reform and by the lack of certainty that has paralyzed the economy for many days or months and the lack of legal certainty in Mexico.

The role of the Deputies in the vote on the Electricity Reform and that of the INE in the revocation of the mandate leave a good taste in the mouth in that there is opposition and an electoral arbitrator. However, victory cannot yet be claimed, reforms such as the electoral or educational ones make the lack of a democratic vocation once again questioned.

He would not exist, so if the electrical reform had passed and it would have had negative economic and social consequences for everyone, with a higher price of dirty energy produced by CFE; for the environment, more pollution lower growth for the country, less confidence of national and foreign individuals to invest in Mexico. In short, he would not exist, but the lack of legal certainty is a reality.

It is also a reality that the unorthodox way in which the president of the Supreme Court -Minister Zaldívar- organized and counted the votes, one vote was subtracted from the block in favor of invalidity, more than 200 amparos filed against it will continue their course .

In short, a day without companies would be a day without Mexico. Let’s be consistent and go hand in hand. Things can still be done.

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