A Daesh cell dismantled in Morocco: three arrests

Moroccan security services dismantled a cell of militants affiliated with the Islamic State group and arrested three suspects accused of preparing an assassination.

The suspects, detained in the town of Errachidia, in the south of the country, had selected an official for an “imminent assassination”, according to the Central Bureau of investigation which supervises the operations of fight against terrorism.

The searches carried out in the homes of the suspects and in the commercial premises of one of them led in particular to the seizure of paramilitary uniforms, manuscripts defending “terrorist operations” and computer equipment.

In addition, the head of the cell was active “in recruiting and recruiting,” the statement said. The three men “shared terrorist digital content such as those documenting suicide bombings and assassinations committed by Daesh”, an Arabic acronym for ISIS.

They were placed in police custody and the investigation is continuing to “determine the regional and international links of this cell, as well as all of its (…) projects”, and in order to “question all the people involved in its extremist activities “, according to the statement of the BCIJ.

Since 2002, more than 2,000 extremist cells have been dismantled and more than 3,500 people arrested in connection with terrorism.


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