A crash of two trains in Vila-seca leaves around thirty passengers injured

  • The accident occurred, shortly before ten at night, due to the collision of a regional train between Barcelona and Tortosa and a freight locomotive

  • Ten of the bruised had to be evacuated to receive medical and hospital care.

A passenger train and one freight locomotive They collided this Sunday, shortly before ten at night, at the height of Vila-seca, in the province of Arragona. The collision, which has caused fifteen injured and bruised, has taken place at the height of the industrial estate. About 50 passengers were traveling on the passenger train, which was traveling in the direction of Tortosa with departure in Barcelona.

Among the thirty injured and bruised -26 according to Renfe (19 minor and 7 less serious). The System of Medical Emergencies of the Generalitat has reported that 10 of those affected were transferred from the accident site to receive medical and hospital care: 4 to the CUAP Vilaseca, 3 to the Santa Tecla hospital in Tarragona and 3 to the Joan XXIII hospital, also in Tarragona. . The ‘Diari de Tarragona’, in its digital edition, details the cases of a 19-year-old with a fracture in the chesta 28-year-old woman with the broken leg and a 75-year-old woman with polycontusions. According to testimonies of the accident, the crash occurred a few meters from the Vila-seca station exit when the locomotive, from a company other than Renfe, rammed the regional train.

casualty evacuation

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Once the accident was known, Renfe has mobilized all available resources to attend to those affected and has notified the external aid services. Civil Protection has announced on Twitter that it has activated six ground units and two SEM commands as well as 12 Bomber units that have quickly acted on the scene evacuating the affected passengers. The accident has caused the paralysis of the circulation on the tracks. “Due to a brake failure of Captrain locomotive 95172 (310101), it collides in Vila-Seca with MD 18087 (Barcelona S. 19.43-Tortosa 22.20). Circulation is suspended on both tracks,” Civil Protection reported on Twitter.

Renfe has reported that work is being done to withdraw the convoy as quickly as possible, which affects lines R15 and R16 and the services of the Mediterranean corridor. Adif, for its part, has announced the opening of an investigation after the accident.

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