A convalescent firefighter rescues a woman in a fire in a flat in La Palmas de Gran Canaria

A “cluster of coincidences” and the professionalism of a Firefighter of the Emergency Consortium of Gran Canaria joined in this event in which a woman, Letizia, 38, she was trapped in the kitchen-living room, paralyzed, between the smoke and flames. The story ended with a happy ending.

“I do not know how I can thank you for what you have done for me,” repeated the rescued from a fire in a house in Marpequeña, in the municipality of Telde. “Forget it. It’s my job,” responded firefighter David Narte Pereira, who has a lot of experience, since he has been in the field for 16 years. Gran Canaria Emergency Consortium, and currently works in the Arinaga park, in Agüimes, after having passed through other fire stations, such as the one in counted, Galdar and The Village of San Nicolás.

David Narte was by chance and alone in a flat on Havana Street, in Marpequeña, in the municipality of Telde, because there he was receiving care for his convalescence, when at around 2.30 pm last Saturday he began to hear “help “,” help “,” someone get me out of here. ” The requests for help came from one of the two adjoining houses on the same floor. Then, the firefighter reacted to help the woman who asked for help. However, his situation was by no means the most suitable for a rescue: He was with his left leg resting on a sofa and with his knee immobilized by an accident. It is considered that there is a break in the knee, in the absence of the medical tests that confirm it or not.

Two days before this event in Marpequeña, on Thursday, around eight o’clock in the morning, this firefighter, who also resides in the Teldense municipality, already in uniform to go to work at the Arinaga fire station, was going down some stairs while talking On his mobile phone, he stepped on a comb that was on a step, slipped, fell and rolled down the stairs.

In his convalescence, he first took a cast on his leg due to the poor condition of his knee, and on Friday he replaced it with an orthopedic knee brace that gave him more mobility. «I walk like a pirate with a peg leg “, says David Narte. “At least I can walk, although it does not take away the pain“he adds.

Then, hearing the screams the day before yesterday, he reacted. “I put on the brace, opened the front door of the house and saw the hallway full of smoke. And he kept listening to the requests for help. I walked over and picked up the fire extinguisher that was in the hall “Narte says.

“I entered the adjoining house to assess. It was also full of smoke. I lowered the levers of the electrical panel. And I found a woman paralyzed, in shock, with a small dog in her arms, and did not know how to react in the middle of the room- kitchen, while, in front of him, the high kitchen furniture, the extractor hood and the microwave burned. Later I knew that he had forgotten a frying pan with oil “, reports.

Narte Pereira managed to get her to leave the house, while he limped along with her, and shortly afterwards he re-entered and used the fire extinguisher again. He came out again because of breathing difficulties. They had both inhaled smoke and the affected woman had soot on her face, especially on her nose. Meanwhile, several neighbors alerted the Emergency and Security Coordination Center (Cecoes) -112. An ambulance from Canary Islands Emergency Service (SUC), firefighters from the La Garita park (Telde) and the Local and National police.

«I didn’t even remember my leg, nor the severe pain I felt before hearing the cries for help. It is the first time that I see myself in a situation like this, convalescing and with a host of coincidences, “says David Narte, who had entered for the third time and the fire had been reactivated, so he used the extinguisher again. A few minutes Later, he met with his colleagues from La Garita, to whom he explained what had happened and what he did, and his colleagues finished extinguishing the flames and ventilated the affected house.

Meanwhile, Letizia was cared for by SUC personnel, to later be transferred to the Insular Hospital of Gran Canaria, where several tests were carried out to, among other things, know the percentage of gases that she presented in the blood, in addition to that she was assisted with oxygen and aerosols.

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“I am very grateful to the firefighter David because if it is not for him, the house [alquilada desde hace unos tres meses] it would have been burned to a large extent because everything was very fast, “says Letizia, who is already well.” I am also grateful for the good work of all the firefighters, the police, the SUC and the hospital staff, “she adds.

The rescued woman felt “very relieved” yesterday Sunday because the consequences of the fire would have been worse and because her two children, who are small, were not with her in the fire.


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