A contestant on ‘MasterChef Junior’ rectifies a controversial comment from Samantha: “Bows for girls”

This week’s program of ‘MasterChef Junior’ was marked by the commented reaction of a contestant. A young cook who participates in the program The 1 rectified some controversial words from Samantha Vallejo-Nágera about boys and girls.

The moment came when the judge discovered that one of the participants had a clothing brand for the little ones. April confessed this facet in the program, prompting Samantha to launch a request intended only for her classmates: “You have to fill the girls with bows”, he asked him forgetting about the boys.

The reaction occurred in the next test, when the nine contestants, both boys and girls, with bows appeared. The audience interpreted it as a clear dart to the chef and Abril clarified her action: “I have kept my promise and they have all come with ponytail or bow tie ties. I have filled them all with ties”, He detailed, earning applause on social networks from the viewers of the kitchen talent.

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