A chocolate and candy for sex

Barely able to verbalize the assaults she allegedly suffered at the age of seven, it was by writing and drawing that a young victim recounted the sexual acts that the former educator allegedly subjected her to in Nicolas St-Pierre daycare.

It was with his blue comforter that the complainant entered the interrogation room at the Victoria police station in January 2018. The day before, the seven-year-old child had told his mother that he had been the victim of sexual acts. from her new spouse, which had led to a complaint to the police.

In front of an investigator who does everything to make him feel comfortable, the child recounts in great detail a day spent in Chibougamau with the family, but when the time comes to talk about the assaults, he closes like an oyster. With difficulty, he managed to tell that his mother had gone to take a nap while he continued to watch TV with Nicolas St-Pierre.

Up to 14 times

After offering him chocolate and candy, the now 39-year-old man allegedly asked him “if we could have sex,” the child said harshly. “He put his penis in my underpants,” continued the second-year student.

When the investigator asks how many times Nicolas St-Pierre would have had sexual contact with him, the victim estimates the number at 14. However, the child refuses to detail the events, hesitates and remains for a long time with his face in his comforter. .

The investigator then offers him pencils so that he can write or draw on a board what he has experienced, but the exercise is too difficult for the child who only manages to relate another event to the fall that took place at his home where he allegedly touched the accused’s penis at his request. “He asked me to tell no one about it, not to the police,” he said.


Now 11 years old, the victim showed more confidence when she was questioned after the viewing of her interrogation without however being more explicit about the gestures which now date back more than four years.

The plaintiff’s cross-examination was punctuated by objections while Nicolas St-Pierre’s lawyer asked for clarification on the account given by the child before the investigator and then during the preliminary investigation to such an extent that it will continue this morning after which the victim’s mother will testify.


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