A chavista ghost visits Los Angeles

An invitation to the White House is well worth a mass.

This is what Argentine President Alberto Fernández must have thought when he received a phone call on Wednesday night at the Casa Rosada.

On May 28, the Uruguayan newspaper El Observador published that the Argentine and Mexican foreign ministries were plotting a counter-summit that would help eclipse the one called by the United States, the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles to be held from June 6 to 10, due to the exclusion of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

Indeed, Santiago Cafiero met with Marcelo Ebrard on Wednesday, May 25.

Cafiero and Ebrard’s idea was to organize an event of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) in Los Angeles, taking advantage of the fact that Argentina holds the pro tempore presidency.

“The event will take place in parallel, without conflicting with the schedule of the official agenda of the Summit of the Americas and the spirit is to stay united as a block despite the differences,” explained sources from the Argentine Foreign Ministry over the weekend.

But a phone call Wednesday night from President Biden to Fernández blurred the idea of ​​​​both foreign ministers.

For 25 minutes Biden and Fernández chatted about the bilateral relationship, the agenda of the Summit of the Americas and, of course, the counter-summit.

Biden invited Alberto Fernández to visit Washington in July.

According to the White House, Biden has invited Fernández to strengthen “the active engagement between the United States and Argentina on bilateral, regional and global issues, in particular human rights, food insecurity, climate change, energy, technological innovation and critical supply chains.

Yesterday, the spokeswoman for the Argentine presidency, Gabriela Cerruti, denied what official sources had reported last week. They were “dimes and diretes”; “no lunch” (EFE agency).

It was Hugo Chávez who built a set of ideological machinery through supposed integration mechanisms. One of them: Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA).

Now, President López Obrador is trying to make the OAS disappear and instead create a kind of European Union in Latin America. In reality, both organisms have nothing to do with each other. The same Marcelo Ebrard or his advisers have the obligation to explain to the president the objectives of the OAS and the European Union.

If Davos has the counter-summit in the Sao Paulo Forum, the Summit of the Americas could be nullified by CELAC. That’s what Ebrard and Cafiero thought, but a phone call from Biden dispelled the idea. Fernández’s visit to the White House is worth it.

A chavista ghost haunts Los Angeles.


Fausto Pretelin Munoz de Cote

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