A Catalan study shows that nasal tests are more useful than buccals

  • Only 31% of antigen tests performed with a positive and positive nasal sample in the mouth, in 300 patients of the Metropolitan North of Barcelona area

  • The result contradicts the previous investigations that indicate that the omicron is detected best in the buccal cavity

Dado que la omicron afecta menos al tejido pulmonar that the variant var and is alloyed fundamentally in the high altas, a pair of international studies apuntan that the actual cepa is detected best and antes in the boca que en la nariz. But, on the other hand, an investigation was carried out in the area of ​​primary attention Metropolita Nordfrom the Institut Català de Salut, demonstrates that in practice the test of antigens effected with nasal samples siguen being more effective at detecting the covid that they realize is applying the hyssop by the boca.

To read this conclusion, take note, during the days January 8 and 9, samples of 300 users of primary care emergency centers and centralized points where detection tests are performed. In practice, the total of the participants, a 95%, has tenatology compatible with the covid. And when one of them is positively attracted to the nasopharyngeal sample, the patient is willing to participate in the ensayo and if accepted, if realized otherwise antigen testof the brand and model, using the hyssop for the frames and the interior of the miles.

Loose results, to those who had access to the PERIODIC, show that only 31.7% of the antigen tests performed with the nasal and positive sample also showed buccal samples. Moreover, in the case where the results of the tests do not coincide, the person is asked if the podium takes a new sample, to analyze the PCR technique in the clinical laboratory of the Metropolitana Nord. The PCR has confirmed that this person is stable contagious de covidalthough in the bucal show this negative.

The preview studios

It is said, always that the antigen tests carried out in the nariz positive, the PCR test confirmed this positive, although in the negative animal box. For this reason, the study demonstrates that the most effective tests are performed by the narcissist on the buccal cavity, at least in order to refer to the antigen test, given that previous studies and according to the hypothesis that the omicron is detected in the boca fueron made with PCR probes.

One of them was executed in South Africa for the same group of investigators who discovered the variant that, debited to its high power of contagion, had colonized good part of the world. The other has been implemented in EEUU. However, no one has revised the pares and he has defiled the preliminary form in order for the scientific community to know where the results are coming from, in order to confirm the form in which, in hospitals and health centers, work for detect the covid.

It was precisely his diffusion that motivated the study to take place in the Metropolitan North area of Barcelona. “We will choose the test that will generate the most return”, explains Núria Pratdirector of the primary attention devices of the markets of North Barcelona, ​​Maresme, Occidental Valleys and Oriental Valleys.

First in the world

“We do not want to create controversy with the previous studies, nor do we decide that it is bad, but our research shows that at least the antigen tests are being corrected in the nasal zone,” he added. The Catalan studio is the first that takes place in the world with this type of test and the variant omicron and it has been performed “in a very short time and its results have been validly validated” to be sure that if you change the procedure to the time you can meet the samples before you can llegar otra cepa.

Prat subraya that the hecho of that the investigation was carried out from the devices of primary attentionwhere it has access to a large volume of population and the collection of samples form part of its assistance activity, has allowed it rapidez.

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Asimismo, punctualizes that the test of antigenic tomatoes with samples of the interior of the boca, which was performed on patients who did not come, baby or smoked 30 minutes before the harvest, were not exactly equal to those saliva test what to sell in pharmaciesbecause the results can not be equipped.

The investigation was published in the first instance in the review MedRxiv and at the same time also participated the Hospital Universitari Germans Trias and Pujol; the Universitari Institutac Foundation for Research on Primary Ation Jordi Gol and Gurina (IDIAPJGol); the German Research Institute Trias and Pujol (IGTP); the Institute for Research of the Irish Side and the Lluita Foundation against the Side and the Infected Malalties.


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