Urgence-santé services risk being overwhelmed this St-Jean weekend, as they face a still problematic labor shortage.

The Corporation d’urgences-santé anticipates a higher volume of calls due to the festivities and events that are planned there and urges the population to use the services of the organization only in case of emergency.

“We invite you to contact 911 only if it is an emergency,” advised Jean-Pierre Rouleau, corporate spokesperson for Urgences-santé, in a press release, specifying that 811 dispatchers cannot provide advice. To the population.

“It is possible that the strong demand that we anticipate will have an impact on response times to non-emergency calls. However, I want to reassure the population: urgent calls will be prioritized and answered quickly,” assured Mr. Rouleau.

Regarding non-emergency cases, Mr. Rouleau invites users to go to a hospital center on their own, so as not to have to encumber the Urgences-santé services.

“People think they’ll get to the ER faster if they get there by ambulance, but that’s not true. The paramedics are greeted by the same nurses when they arrive at the hospital centre,” explained Mr. Rouleau.


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