A bank will go to trial because a client murdered an employee

  • The victim’s family considers that the workers at the Ganduxer street branch did not have the necessary protection measures

On July 5, 2016, Vanessa Miralles, 42, went to work like every day at the office of the defunct Caixa Catalunya at number 59 of Ganduxer Street in Barcelona. Around 11:20 a.m., he broke into the branch Eduardo Basug Ganasao. Armed with a knife he entered the deputy director’s office and stabbed her, seriously injuring her. The woman died at the Hospital Clinic. Hours before, the murderer had killed a friend, also of Filipino origin, who worked as a butler. Later, he committed suicide. This Friday in a social court of the City of Justice of Barcelona the crime will be remembered.

The family of the deceased woman has filed a lawsuit against the bank, from which they are claiming compensation for damages. They denounce “the lack of security measures” of the branch “derived from an accident at work & rdquor ;, since the motive for the murder was a matter that directly concerned the bank. Specifically, Basug acted, according to the investigation, due to fear of Losing the apartment where he lived because he had guaranteed a mortgage loan from his nephew and that he did not pay. The victim of this delusion was Vanessa, but her initial objective was the director of the entity who was absent that day. In the house where Basug worked some notes were found where you could read: “Director of Catalonia (& mldr;) next dead & rdquor ;.

The entity’s representative

The plaintiffs maintain that the murderer acted “willfully & rdquor; Against who was the representative of the bank at that time. In this sense, it specifies that of the four people who were in the office, the murderer, in the absence of the head of the branch, chose Miralles, who was representative and acted as acting director. Basug ignored the other people in the outbuildings.

The victim’s family stresses that the fatal assault was produced by “the mere fact of hold de facto representation at the time of the accident“of the Catalunya Banc entity (now part of the BBVA Group), with which Basug had” a conflict of interest “due to the execution of a bank guarantee that could lead to the loss of his home. If that economic motive had not existed, he highlights , the murderer would not have gone to that specific bank office to kill the person in charge of the branch for “the fact of occupying that job & rdquor ;. The murderer entered the offices, according to witnesses, with a knife of” large dimensions & rdquor ;, about 25 centimeters, without the object being detected.

“I think they cheat on me”

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“They scare me & rdquor ;,” more headache & rdquor ;, “I think they deceive me & rdquor ;, are other phrases that appear on pieces of paper found in Basug. In that state of mind, the murderer called a friend on the phone first thing in the morning, who went to visit him at the home where he worked on the street. Johann Sebastián Bach and was stabbed after fighting. Basug then went to the Ganduxer street branch, where he perpetrated the second murder. After that, he threw himself off a bridge in the General Miter round and was hit by a coach.

“After five years I pretend to know the reason for this no-one; what or who could have prevented it and be able to purge responsibilities in this sea of ​​confusion & rdquor ;, assures EL PERIÓDICO Mónica Miralles, the sister of the murdered bank employee. “Citizens have the right to know what happens after events of such caliber: heartbreaking and petrifying & rdquor ;, he explains. After the event, the one who was responsible for the financial sector of UGT in the company criticized the lack of security towards employees. “Before the offices were armored & rdquor ;, he recalled. “Banks care about the protection of money, but not that of workers, & rdquor ;, asserted another member of the same union.


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