A baby dies after hackers attacked a hospital

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Throughout the pandemic, in Spain we have seen how numerous groups hackers they have been attacking health institutions related to WHO, scientific groups developing the COVID-19 vaccine and many more. This kind of attack has already had a new and tragic consequence: the death of a baby in a hospital in Alabama, United States.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Springhill Medical Center hospital was attacked by ransomware, the most popular form that groups have hacker to wreak havoc on other businesses and users. In it were Teiranni Kidd and your baby, who was born with a severe brain injury.

The attack ransomware, the mother denounces, caused her baby to not get proper care and that unfortunately passed away. Now, Kidd has filed a lawsuit against Springhill Medical Center alleging that he was not informed of the attack and alleges that his daughter did not receive the necessary care at the time of giving birth to it.

A tragic attack

Surgery room

Surgery room

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Springhill announced that in 2019 the hospital had suffered a “network security incident”, that is, an attack ransomware. According to local media, the hospital rejected some patients due to the attack he was suffering, despite having a normal patient rhythm.

Kidd’s lawsuit began in January 2020, and according to the lawsuit, Springhill did not inform Kidd that the hospital was facing a cyber attack, just as the baby’s mother she was giving birth. Doctors and nurses, according to Kidd, ignored many of the steps involved in these procedures.

According to the mother, due to this lack of attention to the process, the doctors and nurses at that hospital overlooked the fact that the umbilical cord it was wrapped around the baby’s neck.

This caused Kidd’s daughter severe brain damage and 9 months later, she unfortunately passed away. Kidd alleges that if he had known the attack was taking place at that very moment, he would have requested a transfer to another hospital. This, according to the lawsuit, could have prevented the death of Kidd’s daughter.

It’s not the first time

Visual illustration of what a ransomware attack is.

Visual illustration of what a ransomware attack is.

In January of last year, we witnessed with horror the very serious cyber attack that the Torrejón Hospital of the Community of Madrid suffered. The computers of said installation were infected by a virus, and the entire network was rendered useless, showing that it was indeed a virus attack. ransomware.

Kidd’s daughter is not the only example out there. In December of last year we saw how the university hospital of the University of Düsseldorf also suffered an attack ransomware that took the life of a patient due to the delay of one hour to attend to a woman who had to be transferred to a hospital in Wuppertal, 32 kilometers away.

In Spain, there is a body called CNPIC that protects infrastructures considered critical, and prevents this kind of situation from occurring. In fact, regarding the Data Protection Law, the leakage or theft of data from servers corresponding to critical infrastructures of this style, this is a tremendously serious infraction for obvious reasons.

Other of the most notorious cases of attacks were those suffered by the main pharmaceutical companies that developed the COVID-19 vaccine in record time. Both AstraZeneca and Pfizer suffered attacks by hackers And like these companies, their scientists and development teams also came under attack.

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