A 9-year-old Afghan girl, sold for 1,900 euros to a 55-year-old man

  • The girl’s father, who already sold another 12-year-old daughter a few months ago, assures that he has no other option and asks the Parwana buyer to take care of her and not hit her

“I have no job, no money, no food. I have to sell it, I have no other choice, “says Abdul Malik. Contrary to what it might seem, the Afghan Abdul Malik does not refer to a cow, goat or any other animal, but to Parwana, her 9-year-old daughter. “We are eight members of the family,” he says. Abdul shot to CNN. “I have to sell it to keep other family members alive,” he justifies.

The girl’s family has lived for four years in a camp for displaced Afghans in the northwestern province of Badghis, surviving thanks to humanitarian aid and domestic work. But since the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan on August 15, things have gotten worse.

The father, who explains that he is “broken” with pain, sold 12-year-old Parwana’s sister, a few months ago. And he explains that the money from the sale of Parwana will only support the family for a few months.

The buyer is called Qorban and is “a old man“-in the words of the girl- with white eyebrows and a thick white beard who on October 24 gave 200,000 Afghans (about 2,200 dollars, just over 1,900 euros) in the form of sheep, land and cash to Parwana’s father .

Qorban, 55, assures that he does not want the girl to marry her because he already has a wife, who will take care of Parwana as if she were her daughter. “[Parwana] it was cheap, and her father was very poor and needs money, “Qorban assures CNN.” She will work in my house. I won’t hit her. I will treat her like a member of the family. I’ll be nice. “

“Please don’t hit her”

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In the CNN report, Qorban appears counting the bills to pay the father, Abdul, who shakes his hand to seal the transaction. With the economic operation completed, Parwana enters the room held by her mother to meet her new owner. Seeing him, she hides her face and groans when her father tells Qorban: “This is your wife. Please take care of her, now you are responsible for her, please don’t hit her.”

Qorban nods, grabs Parwana by the arm, and leads her toward the door. As they leave, with her father watching from the door, Parwana sinks her feet into the ground and tries to get away from her owner, who manages to drag her to the car and leave with her.


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