A 30-year-old woman stabbed to death by her partner in Valencia

A 30-year-old woman found murdered this morning presumably by his partner of several stab wounds in the home they shared, in the Eixample district of Valencia. The alleged one The perpetrator of the crime is already in custody after being injured when he tried to escape from the building due to the blemish, although he did not initially confess to the murder, which has delayed the discovery of the body by 24 hours.

The corpse of Cristina Blanch, 30, was found this morning by her mother and other relatives, around 9:30 a.m., at his home, at number 33 Conde de Altea street, in one of the areas with the highest purchasing power of the city.

A Cristina’s sister had reported her disappearance at four this morning in a Madrid police station after the girl showed no signs of life and did not respond to any calls since Friday afternoon.

According to the information to which you have had access Lift-EMV, a newspaper that belongs to this group, Prensa Ibérica, there were no previous complaints between the couple, which does not indicate that there was no violence and mistreatment prior to the murder from this morning. In fact, most of the victims of sexist violence murdered had never denounced their attacker.

According to the first information, the alleged murderer, Alberto LH, 35 years old, was found slightly injured at 9:00 am yesterday by workers in an Italian restaurant next to the portal. The individual He said that he had tried to rob the farm and that he had fallen into his inner courtyard when he tried to climb the sewer pipes, for which the employees alerted the National Police, who arrested him for robbery and took him to a hospital.

Despite what he had done, he did not say a single word about Cristina. In fact, after being taken to the Zapadores police complex as a detainee, a statement was taken and he was released, given the low relevance of the crime. However, as he was injured, he was taken to hospital.

The alarm went off this morning when Cristina’s mother came to her apartment to see if something was wrong, after his sister reported him missing. It was at the moment of finding her stabbed when the police tied up the dots and went to the hospital, where the alleged macho murderer was still being admitted for observation.

From that moment on, the rights were read to him by a crime of murder in the context of a case of gender violence, and now remains guarded in that hospital, waiting for the doctors to release him to take him to a cell.

A patrol car of the National Police He has traveled to the scene and has verified that the woman was stabbed and that she had no pulse. Even so, the agents have requested urgent medical help, which has caused the Health Information and Emergency Coordination Center (CICU) to have sent an ambulance from SAMU to the place.

However, the medical team has only been able to certify the death of the young woman, which has launched the protocol of sexist crimes, with the notice to the judge on duty of Violence against Women of Valencia, as well as to the prosecutor and the coroner.

The Homicide group of the National Police has already taken charge of the investigations and at this moment they are investigating in the area, while the Scientific Police carries out the visual inspection of the home and the interior patio, in search of the footprints and footprints of the alleged male chauvinist murderer.

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Cristina Blanch, possibly murdered in the early hours of Friday, becomes the fourth mortal victim of sexist violence this year in C. Valenciana.


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