800,000 Mexicans migrate abroad from 2015 to 2020

The National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) explained that despite the rigid migration policies that have been implemented in recent years in the United States, the migratory flow of Mexicans to the northern neighbor has not stopped.

The results of the 2020 Population and Housing Census, prepared by the Mexican statistical institute, confirmed that between January 2015 and March of last year, 802,807 people left the country to reside abroad.

With regard to the entities of the Republic with the highest expulsion of its population, Guanajuato is in first place with 7.8%, followed by Jalisco with 7.5%, Michoacán with 6.3% State of Mexico and Mexico City with 5.4% each.

On the contrary, the entities with the lowest proportions of international migrants are Baja California Sur, Campeche and Tlaxcala with less than 1 percent.

Regarding the country of destination, 77% of the international emigrant population arrives in the United States, followed by Canada (4%) and Spain (2%); while 9% emigrated to another country and 8% do not specify the country of destination.

Reasons for displacement

Among the main reasons why Mexicans emigrated to another country, Inegi explained that looking for work, change or job offer accounted for 57%, which positions it as the main reason for leaving the country.

The second reason is the family one, which had 18% and in third place are those that have to do with educational issues with 12 percent.

“By sex, the analysis of the causes for emigration shows that for 70% of men, labor causes represent the main reason. They are followed by family reasons (10%) and study reasons (9%); while for women, the main causes of emigration are for family reasons (35%), work reasons (31%) and study reasons (18%) ”, the report detailed.

Inegi also indicated that the average length of stay outside the country of the migrants was 12.5 months.

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