7 simple starters to turn Christmas into a party

  • Several chefs teach us preparations that are made in a few minutes and always with an original and fun touch

In the collective imagination, Christmas is a time of overwhelm, rush and stress between stoves. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. With the intention of facilitating the work of the improvised kitchens of these parties, here are a series of easy ideas and simple recipes with an original and fun touch for aperitifs that go out of the jack, horse and king of these days.

Prawns cooked with mayonnaise

José Carlos Fuentes, chef of the Don Dimas restaurant (Madrid), proposes review classics from small additions. Recommend accompany the classic cooked prawns of these dates with a mayonnaise enriched with “a splash of soy sauce, to give them an Asian touch”. Also to give a special point to the typical consommé, he proposes “adding a few drops of fine or fragrant sherry wine to it in order to gain aroma and flavor”.

That he guacamole It is a pure and hard trend we all know. Perhaps that is why Julián Barros and Fernando Carrasco, the chefs at the helm of Mawey, a leading Mexican with three locations in Madrid and two in Galicia (Vigo and Santiago de Compostela), propose to include it in the Christmas tables, but with a small addition to make it more festive. “Guacamole has no secrets– Prepares in minutes and can be flavored with a salty, festive touch with some trout roe”, explican.

Barros and Carrasco also encourage you to make another very easy and fun recipe. “We can take advantage of the leftovers of a dinner meat stew from the night before, like one of oxtail, to prepare some quesadillas. To assemble them, we buy some wheat tortillas, we put the meat on top, we grate some powerful cheese such as Asturian Gamoneu, we close and we go through the grill to serve them warm & rdquor ;.

Ismael and Fernando Martín-Hevia, in charge of the veteran Madrid restaurant Hevia, suggest preparing a ‘mix’ of quesos. Despite what its name may suggest, it is very simple to prepare: “If you have a blue cheese and others a little softer at home, this is a great option. You mix them and add a splash of Pedro Ximénez and a very chopped onion, which is practically unnoticeable. In the end you get a paste, which you can lighten a bit by adding butter. It’s perfect for spreading on sesame seed toast. A creamy, very smooth and attractive aperitif & rdquor ;.

For those who want to go a little further, but without complicating life too much, chefs José Carlos García and Marcos Granados, from the Balausta restaurant (Málaga) propose a Artichokes Cream. “We fry the artichokes with onion and leek in olive oil. Then we add a splash of fine wine and another of white wine and let it reduce. Add potatoes and cover with water or, better yet, broth from having cooked seafood. Once ready, we crush and strain. This cream can be accompanied by some cooked crawfish to give it that Christmas touch & rdquor ;.

Hugo Ruiz, chef from Bugao (Madrid), opts for some tuna tostas, as easy as they are appetizing. “We buy 70 grams of bluefin tuna from the fishmonger -a part like tarantelo can be perfect- and we dice it. We season it with salt and pepper, soy sauce and mix. We toast slices of ciabatta bread in the oven until crisp and add a tablespoon of mayonnaise. We can finish the dish with extra virgin olive oil from Arbequina and truffle oil. Finally, sprinkle with flake salt and even sliced ​​black truffle if we want. “

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The potato is one of those products that always triumphs and one way to give it a different touch is to prepare some potatoes ‘aliñás’ in the purest Andalusian style. The kitchen team of Figarilla (Madrid) gives us the recipe: “The ‘aliñás’ potatoes are prepared from good cooked potatoes, which must be accompanied by a good extra virgin olive oil, sherry vinegar, cut spring onion, a touch of parsley and some quality canned tuna loins & rdquor ;. Simplicity and quality, is there a better plan for Christmas?


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