7 detainees are jailed in a large marijuana plantation in Olesa (Barcelona).

Seven people are in jailn as presumably responsible for a marijuana macro-plantation, with about 2 000 plants, located in an industrial building of Olesa de Montserrat (Barcelona), a drug that would have reached a value of approximately black on the black market 270 000 euros.

The Mossos are announcing this Saturday the operation that made the demolition of this plantation possible, carried out in collaboration with the local police of Olesa, and in which eight people were arrested in the industrial warehouse, of which one was released with charges and the rest were sent to jail.

The operation took place last Tuesday and the detainees are charged with crimes against public health and electric power fraud.

The operation was launched after the Martorell Police Station Investigation Unit heard from the Local Police on Tuesday, January 25, about the possible existence of a marijuana plantation in a warehouse in the industrial estate. Kan Vinyals, in Olesa.

strong smell

When they were on the scene, the agents verified that the ship was ahead multiple cracks, which came out of her a great smell of marijuana, and that a vehicle entered it.

When the agents gained access to the ship, they found an organized marijuana plantation with specific rooms for the cultivation and drying of that plant.

The eight people who were inside when the police entered they tried to run away of the place although they could eventually be arrested.

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Those responsible for the maintenance of the plantation lived in difficult conditions on the top floor of the warehouse, which seal.

The next day, and with a court order, the agents returned to the ship, where they found about 1,800 marijuana plants and 110 kilos of buds ready for distribution, while the electric company’s technicians verified that the supply had been reached with a Illegal connection to the general distribution network.


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