6 Education Industry Trends in 2022

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of education industry trends that we shall see in 2022 are not directly related to technology, even though they will play a major role. Even judging by the popularity of various LMS and CMS systems, it must be taken with a grain of salt as the true trends are related to belonging to what is being taught. In other words, the education industry leans towards what we call social-emotional learning that helps to handle remote education and all these technological aspects. 

6 Education Industry Trends In 2022

  1. Socio-emotional Belonging. 

It is one of those trends that have already captured the field of education during the second half of 2021. It happened because the majority of school and college students have complained about the lack of belonging to the classroom. The technology has made it feel as if they were browsing through social media sites by sending their assignments and receiving automatic grading. The interaction aspect has often been ignored, which has been addressed as of late. 

  1. Remote Instruction Classes. 

These have been mostly caused by Covid-19 restrictions that have forced colleges and universities to go remote. As the future is uncertain, it pushes teachers to implement various video conferences and interactive blackboards. It became a bit challenging for ESL students or challenged learners. If you find yourself in such a scenario, consider an English essay helper and get your grammar, formatting, and style issues handled by professionals. Even minor guidance from a trained expert will make a major positive difference! 

  1. Project-based Teaching. 

This kind of learning stands for case studies and actual examples that make learning go beyond the course or curriculum plan. It is especially important in History, Nursing, or Engineering classes where a good example can save time. It also helps to stay focused and motivated. Providing learners with project-based education is the most efficient instruction method to develop soft and hard skills. 

  1. Online Courses. 

Just think about places like Khan Academy or Coursera that offer both free and paid courses! These become even more popular as students from all over the world can get enrolled without having to worry about not making it to the list of students. Still, there will be some writing tasks and exams to go through. Another benefit of such courses is that they can be a good solution for corporate education that is low-cost and can provide people with the basics in this or that area. 

  1. Group Learning. 

Although some students find it hard to implement group projects online, it also makes things easier as we are already used to group video chats and doing things together. Using smart virtual classroom software and helpful apps, the latest education trend is to approach complex concepts together as a group. It increases overall participation and boosts the learning process. 

  1. LMS platforms. 

Some good examples include Google Classroom, Slack, or Blackboard. These are just like virtual classrooms that are constantly being updated to meet the demands of modern learners. These are also good for dissertation writing or complex research projects. The learning curve may be a bit steep, which will take some time. Consider a college research paper writing service to polish your writing and learn how to format things as it is easy to forget about these things as the technology keeps us confused! 

Will Technology Replace Physical Teaching? 

Even though we have seen an increased use of AI-based technology in the classroom, the role of a physical teacher or remote instruction from a human being will always come first as there must be responsibility and control. The technology, no matter how advanced it is, has an objective to make learning more accessible and easier. Still, it has a long way to go as some students have found it challenging, yet the future is bright as the sector of education in Canada and beyond has learned many things the hard way. 


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