5 ways to make an unbeatable cheesecake

  • Cristina Pedroche’s, La Viña’s in a 27-second video, Jon Cake’s advice … Aim, aim, because it will be impossible for a ‘cheese cake’ to go wrong

What of cheesecake it’s crazy. Especially since ‘The New York Times’ decided that the ‘basque burnt cheesecake’ It would be the flavor of 2021. And yes, we are also crazy about ‘cheese cake’. Therefore, here we teach you 5 ways to make a great cheesecake, including Cristina Pedroche’s recipe, who does not make things less tasty because she is a media ‘cook’.

Cristina Pedroche’s cheesecake

When she gets into the kitchen, Cristina Pedroche becomes ‘Pedrochef’, and does such amazing things as this cheesecake she made during confinement and which went viral. Take note of this Instagram video where he shared it with his followers. She says she’s the best in the world …

La Viña’s cheesecake, explained in 27 seconds

Oriol Balaguer’s cheesecake

Who do you trust to fluffiness be a triumph and not a derivative of cardboard? At pastry chef Oriol Balaguer, master of chocolate, croissant and ‘panettone’, with patisseries in Barcelona and Madrid. The journalist Pau Arenós will attend the explanations of the last teacher.

There is a debate about how this preparation that has several cheeses has to be. When cutting the cake, the interior ¿will it be fluid or dense?, does the dough need to glide sensually or remain compact? The recipe presented has been designed exclusively for Tasting Major.

Júlia Podall’s cheesecake (Las Palmeras de La Santa)

The summer market La Santa, in Santa Cristina d’Aro, opened a restaurant: Las Palmeras. A proposal for a summer ‘night brunch’, fresh and prepared with simplicity and determination by the young cook Júlia Podall i Cerdà. The chef, who combined tradition and craftsmanship in the starters and sophistication and elegance in her avant-garde main dishes, handles desserts like this cheesecake. This is the recipe.

Podall gives some advice when it comes to sinking her teeth: “I like to make the cake two days before, and reserve it in the fridge, since resting makes a lot of money. When I want to eat it, I take it out for an hour or an hour. and a half before so that it is not excessively cold. “

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