5 online stores where you can buy second-hand clothes, the phenomenon that will double ‘fast fashion’ in 2030

Although the fashion machinery does not stop producing t-shirts and jeans, we’re closer and closer to putting the brakes on this senseless production and nothing sustainable thanks to a change of mentality in the new generations. According to the study ‘Consumer Trends 2022’, produced by Samy Alliance -Comprehensive marketing and communication services company-, second-hand fashion will double that of ‘fast fashion’ by 2030.

This report points out some of the trends that have contributed to the rise of this market: the rise of C2C platforms [de consumidor a consumidor] specializing in the sale of clothing, the increased concern for conscious consumption and the Willingness to save by the youngest.

During 2020, 33 million people invested in second-hand clothing for the first time. Specifically, 76% of first-time buyers in this market assured that in the next five years they would increase their investment. This directly affects the projects of trading platforms, of which an increase of 5.4% is calculated in the next five years.

Sustainability and ethics

The new generations are marking the path that brands must follow to build customer loyalty. According to the study, Generation Z takes into account the ethical standards of brands before investing in them. Specific, 62% of them say they are more willing to spend on sustainable brands.

Another piece of information that can be extracted from the report is that a large part of the consumers now prioritize the quality of the garments, valuing the fact that be able to resell them later. Currently, 43% of users prefer to invest in higher quality garments to ensure that they can get profitability in the long term. It’s more, 165% more Gen Z than baby boomers takes into account resale value before buying the clothes, thus denoting the integration of the habit of second-hand consumption among the youngest. According to Samy Alliance, 33% of Generation Z have second-hand clothes.

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The growing social interest in environmental issues and the climate change concern are having an impact on consumption habits, having a direct impact on the strategy of companies in the fashion sector. This trend has increased with the pandemic; one in three consumers now cares more about wearing sustainable clothing.

The hatching is felt in physical stores like Humana

✔️The ‘boom’ of the second hand is also evident in physical stores. This is certified from human (People for People Foundation), whose sales of reused clothing has increased by 29% in 2021 compared to 2019, the year before the pandemic.

✔️The network of 20 establishments in Barcelona reached 2.4 million items sold (1.9 million in 2019) as well as 867,000 customers (745,000 two years ago), which also translates into 16% more people attracted to second-hand fashion.

✔️ These data confirm, firstly, the recovery of the effects that the pandemic has had on this sector and, secondly, the confirmation of the growth experienced by second-hand clothing.

✔️The main factors are affordable prices and the ecological and social awareness of consumers. Especially among young people. This non-profit organization had 20 stores in Barcelona last year. But at the beginning of March it opened number 21 (at Ronda Universitat, 23) and it is entirely dedicated to ‘vintage’ fashion.

✔️”60% of clothing purchased at Humana thrift stores replaces purchasing new clothingwhich contributes to the prevention of CO₂ emissions and subsequent textile waste”.

For all these reasons, the culture of ‘use and throw away’ is increasingly seen with worse eyes, and recycling, reselling and reusing is something that is imposed. It is already glimpsed that durability is rising above the latest trend. And the rise of online stores for the sale of second-hand clothing and accessories proves it.

Here are 5 of the most popular 👇

Born in Lithuania in 2008, this used clothing buying and selling platform is a benchmark throughout Europe and the United States. At the moment brings together more than 45 million users and tens of millions of pieces of clothing, footwear, and accessories for home. It is a safe place to find second-hand clothes from excellent quality.

in 2019 bought Chicfy, the Malaga ‘app’ of ‘Of course, beautiful’which modernized the sector in Spain. Vinted does not impose a sales commission on its users making it the perfect market for sellers.

From its application you can create free ads, agree on the sale, make the shipment and receive the payment at the same time that the buyer confirms that he has received the product. Have a varied wardrobe where it fits Zara, & Other Stories, Uterqüe… In addition, they include a selection of garments with a label. There are dresses from €8, t-shirts for €2 or €3 or coats for €12.

Few presentations are needed to talk about Wallapop, Leading platform for buying and selling second-hand items. Your category ofFashion and Accessories‘ has more and more weight. For the company, brand new should not only be used to refer to something that has not been used before, but rather to wear something for the first time. Among the best-selling brands on the web are Tous, Nike or Bimba & Lola.

In your browser you can select by category, size or keywords and they will tell you which is the nearest seller. You can chat and meet for a sale in person, or use their shipping service. The same platform is responsible for monitoring and ensuring that the exchange has been correct before transferring the money to the seller.

The Bilbao firm born in 2015 gain more and more followers. With a single click micolet thousands of articles can be accessed on fashion women, men, children and -even more- sales. Many of these pieces have a unbeatable price, up to 90% cheaper than its original price. In addition, the most desired wardrobes in Spain are on the platform, since more than 200 fashion ‘influencers’ as well known as Alexandra Pereira, Sara Escudero or Marta Carriedo, among many others, as well as ‘celebrities’, like Ariadne Artiles or Soraya Arnelas, are regular sellers on the web.

There is also a large assortment of leading brands such as Mango, Zara, Pull & Bearand somewhat more special pieces from luxury firms such as Gucci woman, Prada, Hugo Boss, Versace or Dior. The difference that this platform has with respect to others is that they receive the clothes in their stores, check that they are in perfect condition, and put a fair price.

Vestiaire Collective is specialized in luxury pieces and fashion brands renowned at a somewhat more affordable price. The platform is responsible for authenticating each of the pieces that it has for sale to avoid scares and counterfeits.

In addition to ‘vintage’ designs, they also have bags, shoes and accessories with a discount of up to 70% on its original price. Every day are added thousands of new parts to its catalogue, from brands such as Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Fendi, Gucci, Kenzo, Miu Miu or Balmainamong other.

What began as a physical store has become one of the most powerful second-hand clothing sales platforms in Spain. Even though My Clothes Go! is specialized in vintage style garments has a large catalog casual clothing, footwear, bags and party outfits. To find what you are looking for, you just have to select the color, the brand and the price range.

Among its advantages is that it has fast delivery service less than 24 hours. It is received at home in only 24 or 48 hours for free on orders over 39.95 euros and with free return. It can also be sold.


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