5 healthy and varied meals to take to work

  • We propose the perfect menu to eat at the office these summer days

Elaborate meals to take to the office It can become a tedious task that often ends with our daily menu ideas. With the arrival of summer, in addition, salads and cold dishes take center stage, something that can get boring if the best combinations are unknown.

Thus, we propose five varied, healthy and perfect dishes to put in the lunch box.

1. Rice salad

It is one of the perfect dishes for the summer season and very simple to prepare. With rice (whole grain healthier) and your favorite vegetables you can prepare a perfect lunch menu. The most common ingredients: tuna, peas, carrot, corn, apple... although you can always innovate something else by adding broccoli, bean sprouts, red fruits, your favorite spices… You just have to cook the rice with a little garlic and salt (twice as much water as rice), let cool and add the rest of the ingredients. If you use broccoli, you can cook it with the rice. As a dressing I like a lot teaspoon of mustard with a little honey and olive oil.

2. Vegetable stew

It is one of the most traditional recipes of Spanish food and perfect to take to the office and be reheated. If you don’t want to heat your head, even they sell them already prepared to boil them or microwave them, and that’s it. Another option is take advantage of the leftovers of some vegetables that you have left from the day before. You just have to sauté them with a little bacon or turkey, ham, turkey or chicken and straight to the tupperware.

3. Pea salad with tomatoes and hard-boiled egg

Peas are a food that it stays perfect and fresh even if it was cooked the day before and it is a perfect idea to incorporate legumes into the diet if chickpeas (also perfect for making salads) do not convince you. You can buy the peas already cooked or buy them fresh and cook them and then add some cherry tomatoes and a hard-boiled egg. With the dressing that you like the most, it will be a perfect dish for weekdays.

4. Zucchini and onion omelette

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Any recipe with egg can get you out of more than one hurry when you don’t know what food to take to work. In the case of tortillas, the good thing about them is that you can have them made well in advance and they are tasty both hot and cold. This courgette and onion accompanied with a little cottage cheese or fresh cheese, some tomatoes and a handful of tender shoots will be an ideal midday dish. Its preparation: as simple as replacing the traditional potatoes with the light courgette.

5 . Quinoa wok

Quinoa is a very healthy way to replace pasta or rice and to give a change to the daily menu. It can be cooked at home or you can buy the little cups in which it is already cooked and all you need is a blow of heat. Accompanied by grilled turkey or chicken strips, wild asparagus, mushrooms, onion and with the final touch of a scrambled egg, tastes like blessed glory. You can also include some delicious grilled prawns.

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