5 foods that cannot be heated in the microwave

  • Due to their properties, some products are not suitable for this small appliance. Here are five of them and why

The microwave It is a good resource both to heat a lunch box and to cook something quickly without making the whole kitchen dirty. While everyone has in mind that there is certain materials that cannot be put into this small appliance (metal is the most dangerous, except for a spoon), few are aware that there are certain foods that are not suitable for this way of cooking.

This is a list of ingredients and dishes that should not be made in the microwave.

It may not be the most common, but it is no less important to note that the orange should not be placed in the microwave. In this case it does not pose any health risk, but it has a disadvantage: it loses all vitamin C.

It is not advisable to put them in the microwave before peeling or afterwards. The reason is that the humidity inside them creates a build-up of heat that makes it work like a pressure cooker and therefore there is a danger of them exploding. Therefore, if it is essential to heat a boiled egg in the microwave, it is best to cut it into small pieces.

The US Food Standards Agency issued a report regarding cooking rice in the microwave. In it he explains that this food contains bacteria highly resistant to high temperatures, so this cooking method is not entirely safe and can cause those who eat it to suffer food poisoning.

In the case of these vegetables, the reasons are very similar to what happens with oranges. Both broccoli and asparagus lose most of their properties when heated in the microwave.

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When it has become fashionable to freeze breast milk as a way to give mothers more independence during breastfeeding, it should be remembered that heating it in the microwave is not the best option. Nobody is aware that this small appliance heats food unevenly, which can be a problem when feeding a baby: some parts may seem cold or at the right temperature, but others may be too hot and cause burns.


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