5 cooking tricks to save your bad dishes

  • Have you gone over salt? Did you add too much oil? We show you how to fix it

Cooking is one of the most relaxing things out there. Getting to work and trying to make that recipe that you have been wanting to try for a long time or dare to replicate that dish that suits your mother, a friend or that you tasted in your favorite restaurant, is always a most rewarding challenge. Of course, the result is not always satisfactory and sometimes you have to try it several times until it goes well.

But if the error is small, it can be solved with a few small ones. tricks that will help us save the plate. Next, we show you five cooking tricks that will be very helpful in those situations:

One of the most common mistakes is going overboard with the amount of salt. The best way to solve this problem is to pour in some liquid, which will dilute the power of the flavor. It can also be a good solution to add some poached vegetables that have a sweet flavor to the dish, such as potatoes, carrots or onion and let it cook all together for a while.

If you have too spicy

Sometimes it happens that we do not measure the amount of an ingredient well. With the spiciness it is a big problem, since it produces such a strong flavor that it can spoil the whole dish and no one will taste it. A trick to reduce that spicy flavor is to add some fruit or dairy (as they often use in Indian cuisine). Also adding a little cream or coconut milk can help reduce the intensity.

How to fix burnt lentils

It is essential that you do not stir the legumes. If it smells burning, take it for granted. You don’t have to put your spoon in to check. This way you avoid greater evils. You must pour them into another casserole. Put them back on the fire and continue cooking them, adding a little more water, as well as some lettuce leaves (or some peeled potatoes) -which will serve to absorb the burnt flavor- and let them cook for another five minutes. When serving them, you should pour a drizzle of oil on each plate.

You have passed the paste and it is soft

If we spend a few minutes, it may happen that the cooked pasta is too soft, but this also has a solution. The first thing is to remove it from the heat and drain it so that it does not soften any more. If you have not had enough, wash it in the same drainer with cold water and then sauté it in the pan with a little oil. If you have passed too much, reuse it for a soup or gratin it in the oven, putting it in the source adding olive oil and the rest of the ingredients that you have prepared.

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The broth is too greasy or runny

In the event that a broth has been too greasy, the best solution is to put the container in the fridge until the cold makes the fat solidify on top. Then remove that part and you will have removed much of the excess. In the event that the broth has been too liquid in some legumes, remove part with a saucepan and crush it with part of the legume. Afterwards, you pour it back in and stir it well, thus obtaining a more consistent broth.


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