4X4 test: Mineral de Pozos, a total adventure

The National Off Road Circuit maintains its pace by organizing routes and expeditions for lovers of 4×4 driving throughout the country. It was like this on the second weekend of October, the Bosco’s Camp team organized one more route that had a great participation.

Mineral de Pozos, Guanajuato, hosted the “3 Picos” route in which 30 4×4 vehicles with gearbox – divided into 2 weekends – faced nature on a difficult terrain characterized by the presence of smooth rock . But before going into nature, it is necessary to talk a little about this Magic Town that offers scenarios typical of a film production.

Today, thanks to tourism, it recovers its splendor and offers various attractions for its visitors such as bicycle rides in the ruins area, an Alameda that invites you to explore it on foot or visit places such as the Chapel of San Antonio de Padua, the Church of La Santa Cruz as well as the Triángulo or Santa Brigida mines. To all this is added a delicious gastronomy as well as the sale of antiques.

For all the adventurers of this date to enter the atmosphere of the place, the municipal authorities offered a guided visit on Friday night to the vestiges of this mining town, learning about the culture of the Chichimecas and the settlement of the Jesuits once the Spanish occupation was consummated throughout the national territory.

On going

The next day, after an energetic breakfast, the caravan left the central square after the starting signal given by Lic. Isabel Oviedo, representative of the State Secretariat of Tourism. One by one the vehicles headed towards San Luis de la Paz, which is approximately 20 kilometers away.

Afterwards, the road book pointed out to take a detour to Dr. Mora, a point where the contingent stopped to carry out the first action of the entire route: lower the tire pressure. Upon reaching the inflation pressure dictated by the route leader, Juan Bosco, the march continued on the dirt roads.

The weather favored the caravan, thanks to the presence of wind, partially cloudy skies and even intermittent rain, which meant a higher level of complexity.

To clear obstacles

Once again, the vast majority of units were of the Jeep brand in its different versions such as TJ, JK, JL, JT as well as the special edition 80 Anniversary, which attracted the attention of participants and the general public for its exclusive details such as color and emblems. The complexity of the route began with the advance through hills and difficult access roads in which it was imperative to follow to the letter each of the indications of the leading vehicle because for all the drivers it was their first time traveling through these directions.

The most extreme tests were the crossing of deep trenches as well as the climb of slopes that exceeded 45 degrees of incline that demanded the full application of the torque force to the ground but without going to the extreme that could cause the tires to skid and thus lose all momentum. Crucial was also a fit and good suspension; The units equipped with disconnection of the stabilizer bars gave a greater show due to the greater travel of each of the mechanical elements, demonstrating the high level of articulation that is reflected in greater contact with the floor in order not to lose traction and control.

On this route, different advantages and characteristics of Jeep vehicles were combined to overcome obstacles, such as the torque force from low revolutions, the presence of the roll cage (cage), the protective plates for the transmission, gas tank and differentials, the winch (steel winch), the front and rear differential locks, Beadlocks (low pressure rim rings), modified suspensions as well as the fitting of BFGoodrich Mud Terrain tires.

Final day

On Sunday the adventurers forgot the steering wheel and enjoyed the tourist attractions such as the Ghost Town, the Lavender fields, the El Triángulo Mine. After lunch, the entire contingent headed towards Mineral de Pozos where some crews spent the night and others began to return to their points of origin.

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