The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) said it received, in the space of three days, some 45,000 calls from travelers wanting to book a hotel for their quarantine.

Criticized for the very long waiting times, the PHAC told TVA Nouvelles that it had received 20,000 calls last Friday, a number which then fell to 15,000 on Saturday and 10,000 on Sunday.

According to a spokesperson for the organization, Tammy Jarbeau, customers who manage to speak to an agent must spend about 20 minutes on the phone to reserve their place.

However, the average wait time to successfully talk to someone is 2 hours, which is still a drop from Day 1 and Day 2, when calls were dropped and technology had to go. struggling to cope with the amount of calls.

As of Sunday at noon, nearly 2,300 rooms had already been reserved in the days and weeks to come in Canada.

“A lot of the calls to the reservation line come from people who want to book hotel rooms in March and April. Travelers should not call to book a government-authorized hotel because they plan to travel in the future. Canadians are strongly recommended to cancel or postpone any non-essential travel plans outside of Canada for an extended period of time. Foreign nationals should also cancel or postpone any trip to Canada, ”explained Ms. Jarbeau.

Current reservations

– Total number of rooms reserved (February / March / April): 2,277

– Total number for February: 1,492

– Total number for February 22: 366

– Total number for February 23: 280

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