4 tricks to remove calories from your dishes without losing flavor

The objective of eat as healthy as possible sometimes it is at odds with taste. There is a belief that healthy food means cooking less palatable foods ‘a priori’, but this does not have to be the case. There are many tricks that help make dishes tastier without having to resort to fats or unhealthy resources. Here we list several of them.

Vegetables, protagonists

Why not eat a vegetable dish with meat instead of a meat dish with vegetables? In the proportions is the key. In this way, the contribution of water, fiber and nutrients in each portion will multiply exponentially. Legumes should also come to occupy an essential role in the daily menu. To round off meals, the ideal is to combine raw vegetables with other cooked ones. The bad? Potatoes don’t count.

Getting into the habit of eating whole fruit is the best way to cut down on the added sugars in other unhealthy foods. Therefore, eating it as a dessert or between meals can be the best way to provide extra fiber and vitamins. Of course, it is not worth ingesting it in the form of juices, ‘smoothies’ or shakes, since in this way a large part of the nutritional properties are lost.

No commercial sauces

A small gesture that can change things a lot is to completely banish commercial sauces. No mayonnaise, ketchup or mustard bought directly from the supermarket. Better to replace it with a homemade yogurt or spiced kefir preparation. These formulas completely eliminate added sugars, are much more filling and provide protein.

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The way food is cooked also plays a fundamental role. Therefore, frying is not the best option, since it loads the food with an unnecessary amount of fat. Although, like everything else, if it is done well and consumed sporadically it does not represent any health problem. But, for day to day, it is much better to resort to the steamer, the oven or the iron. In this way, oil consumption is reduced and the flavor is enhanced.


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