4 spirits to toast Christmas

  • A brandy, a whiskey, a rum and a gin to have parties ‘on the rocks’

The Christmas after-meals are very long, so it is best to accompany them with a long drink. We suggest you do it with any of these four distillates. You can take them ‘on the rocks’ or as part of a cocktail. Health!

Brandi Alta Luz (Brandy Towers)

Torres Brandy presents the first crystalline brandy in history, made in Barcelona. It has been obtained by the traditional system of double distillation in alembics and aged in French oak barrels. The innovation comes after aging, when it is subjected to a mineral filtering that allows it to preserve all its flavor and character, even eliminating the characteristic color that the wood has given it. The result is a totally crystalline brandy. Even so, it has aromatic power, with the characteristics and primary aromas of the grape and maintaining the notes of aging. On the nose it brings sweet fruity aromas with herbaceous and citrus notes typical of the grape with which this distillate is made, with hints of honey and vanilla. On the palate, it is smooth with a silky complexion, with slightly sweet fruity flavors and a clean, aromatic finish. Attention to its sophisticated and stylized, with rhomboid shapes. It is recommended to enjoy it with ice or cold. It costs € 30.

Whisky Gentleman Jack

This is the only whiskey in the world that is filtered twice. It is subjected to a first filtration through three meters of sugar maple charcoal and, after reaching its optimum degree of maturation, it is filtered again with charcoal, which gives it its softness. It presents delicate aromas of sweet vanilla and brown sugar with notes of maple syrup and citrus and a silky, warm and pleasant finish. It costs € 23.95.

Ron Brugal 1888

Ron Brugal launches a limited edition ‘pack’ of its ultra-premium rum, Brugal 1888, which is characterized by its distinctive double aging process in bourbon barrels and in Jerez barrels. For the occasion, Brugal has created a special design inspired by one of the ingredients of this rum made and bottled in the Dominican Republic: the wood of American and European oak trees that provides different nuances to its rums during the maturation process. Dark amber in color, it provides spicy nuances of chocolate, coffee, cinnamon and nuts on the nose. Its extraordinary flavor, light, but full-bodied in the mouth, has subtle notes of caramel, wood and liquorice. Its finish is long and smooth, and remains in the mouth- To be consumed both alone or with ice. It costs € 43.75.

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Ginebra Bombay Sapphire Sunset

This gin is a new special edition of the brand that combines the flavor of the ten exotic botanicals of Bombay Sapphire with three new ingredients that give it a unique personality and aroma: Murcian mandarins, Indian white cardamom and turmeric. It costs € 21.95.


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