’30 Coins’ has announced the signing of an international actor for its second season. Paul Giamattistar of the successful ‘Billions’, joins the cast of the series hbo max directed by Alex de la Iglesia.

In this way, Giamatti joins the cast led by Miguel Angel Silvestre, Megan Montaner and Eduard Fernandezas well as the latest addition to this second installment, Najwa Nimri. The new batch of episodes is being shot in Spain, Italy, the United States, France and the United Kingdom.

Álex de la Iglesia affirms that Giamatti is “probably one of the best actors in the American film industry”. “HBO gives me the incredible opportunity to work with him. I would also like to thank his team who, fortunately, knew my filmography. Thanks for the trust,” he says.

The Emmy Award-winning performer plays Christian Barbrow, an American billionaire from the technology and business sector, science guru, writer of science fiction novels and leader of a mysterious “Brotherhood” that counts among its members the world’s elite. He is the ultimate disruptor, but no one knows his true intentions.

This will be the second season

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In the second season of ’30 Coins’, most of the town of Pedraza is locked up in a psychiatric hospital. Elena lies in a coma, in a dark hospital bed. Paco, devastated by her remorse, tries to take care of her, but it’s not easy.

As the horror grows around her, our group of heroes must face a new enemy. Someone so perverse that even the devil is afraid of him… But what about Father Vergara? Has he died, along with his archenemy, Cardinal Santoro? Where do they hide, the tortured souls?


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