29% of low-income fathers in high psychological distress

One in seven Quebec fathers (13%) is in a situation of high psychological distress, while two-thirds of the most vulnerable fathers have not received any psychosocial assistance, according to a recent survey published Monday.

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According to the sounding carried out on behalf of the Regroupement pour la valorisation de la paternité (RVP), the proportion of fathers in distress doubles among low-income parents (29%) or those who have recently experienced a separation (25%).

Some 58% admit to having experienced violence in their family environment during childhood, while the proportion reaches 35% among single fathers who have experienced a separation in the last five years.

“The results of this survey are eloquent: Quebec fathers may need help. Moreover, among the fathers with a high psychological distress index, 29% indicated that they had had suicidal thoughts during the last year, a figure four times higher than the average (7%)”, indicated the director. general of the RVP, Raymond Villeneuve.

“This study advances our understanding of the vulnerability of fathers as a phenomenon that concerns us all and which depends as much on our personal characteristics as on our backgrounds as parents,” said Carl Lacharité, professor at UQTR and scientific director of the study.


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