25N: About Mariluz Esún, by Pilar Garcés

The teacher of the Madina Mayurqa high school in Palma Mariluz Esún She has suffered one of those personal ordeals that we put on the table today, 25N, the international day for the eradication of violence against women. Harassed for months by a coworker that he crushed her with ’emails’, messages and gifts to establish an unwanted relationship with her, according to the sentence that condemns her to ten months in prison that man subjected her to a “continuous nightmare” and “psychic violence” with “extremely serious acts »With those who« invaded the private life »of the young woman, and who caused her psychological damage, for which she required medical help. They are not joking about the slobbering manual who does not tolerate no for an answer. They are not jokes, to the point that Judge Francisca Ramis describes it as crime of coercion in its forceful judicial resolution, which is settled with a fine of 600 euros, “ridiculous” in the words of the magistrate herself. We would ask for applause for the prosecution, that public prosecutor’s office that is on our side, and that calculated in such crap what the tranquility, the living space and the health of a woman are worth. But we are going to reserve the biggest ovation for the ‘Ministry’ of Education, which did not show due diligence to help a worker who knew her rights, the necessary instruments to defend herself and who received silence and a lot of paperwork that had ended in response. on siding. Come back tomorrow with your sexual harassment, and fill out this paperwork in triplicate. A bureaucracy that has sent the harasser a very clear message of reinforcement and impunity, until justice has ruled with the damage already done. Today we have a resounding ruling, but the same system that laughs at women and their troubles, at some politicians who defend that everything works and at the condemned man who during all this time has prospered and has successfully continued with his life. While Mariluz Esún suffered from window to window, he made a little run and is now a civil servant. He lived and will live on my taxes, and We leave the education of our children in their hands. And of our daughters.

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The brave voice of Mariluz Esún has risen on the eve of 25N to spoil the party for this Government, a lip-service feminist with its webinars, its purple ties on the balconies, its institutional statements, its tweets and its bulky payrolls for the theoretical defense of women’s rights, which in practice is a joke. An Executive who, according to the Minister of Education Martí March, he has done nothing wrong. “The Government has been by her side, we regret that she does not have that perception,” he said in Parliament on Tuesday. Let’s be done, ‘sir’. Mariluz has not understood it, as she did not understand the amorous pleasantries of the undesirable. In reality, the entire apparatus fought for his cause, he took it seriously and that his ordeal was not resolved until he filed a complaint with the police is pure coincidence. She has addressed all the cloisters of the island to explain her case and how alone entities created expressly to defend women have left her, such as the IB-Dona or the Center d’Informació de la Dona of the Consell de Mallorca , which he describes as “perverse and hypocritical”, as they respond more to criteria of political utility of their parties than to the interests of the victims. The victims and the hell in which some put them while others watch and remain silent. Today is your day.


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