Hamilton police arrested and charged a 25-year-old man for the violent home invasion and abduction of a man from the Hamilton area, and the shooting death of his son last month.

Det.-Sgt. Steve Bereziuk says that Antoine Chambers has been charged with first degree murder, attempted murder, kidnapping and aggravated assault. Chambers has also been charged with numerous firearm-related charges after police recovered a firearm.

Investigators say they continue to search for two additional suspects wanted in connection with the case.

Faqir Ali, 63, was the target of the kidnapping that took place from his home in Mount Hope, Ontario, on September 16.

In an attempt to protect their father, Ali’s two adult sons were shot. One of them, Hasnain “Nano” Ali, 21, later died from his injuries.

Ali was found hours later near a drawbridge and suffered serious, life-threatening injuries, according to police.

Police say Chambers was arrested the night of the kidnapping and shooting. Investigators say public leads allowed police to track down the suspect’s vehicle in Hamilton, where he was arrested. Police say a firearm was recovered at the time.

Investigators say money was the target of the attack.

“The defendant was looking for money from Mr. Ali,” Bereziuk said, but did not elaborate on why. “Obviously a sum was demanded and no money has ever been obtained.”

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“We are still investigating why Mr. Ali was attacked. There is still no clear answer for that. “

Police said Faquir Ali’s wife and daughter were also at home during the attack, but were not injured.

Archives from The Canadian Press were used in this report


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