24 years after the fact | Marc-André Grenon admits to having caused the death of Guylaine Potvin

Major turnaround in the fifth week of the trial of Marc-André Grenon: almost 24 years later, the accused admitted on Wednesday to having caused the death of Guylaine Potvin on April 28, 2000. The man, who did not present any defense, still continues to plead not guilty.

This defense admission was revealed by the head of the prosecution, Mr.e Pierre-Alexandre Bernard, at the opening of the pleadings, Wednesday, at the Chicoutimi courthouse.

The noose had tightened day by day in recent weeks around the accused. A forensic biologist notably came to explain that it was “hundreds of billions” of times more likely that the DNA found on the scene at the time belonged to Marc-André Grenon rather than to someone else.

“The defense admits that it was Marc-André Grenon who showed up on the night of April 28, 2000 to attack Guylaine Potvin,” he explained to the jury, adding that the accused’s lawyers will plead this after -noon that their client’s initial intention was to “steal” from the victim’s apartment.

A hypothesis which does not hold up according to the prosecution, the proof having been made during the trial that several valuable objects, including the victim’s watch as well as CDs and a Walkman which were in the apartment, were not stolen.


Guylaine Potvin

If the identity of Guylaine Potvin’s murderer is no longer to be proven, the Crown must still demonstrate the premeditated nature of the murder of which it accuses Marc-André Grenon, as well as the charge of sexual assault.

A task that M took one Pierre-Alexandre Bernard recalling one by one the elements presented in evidence according to which Guylaine Potvin was surprised in her bed while she was sleeping.

According to the prosecution’s hypothesis, Marc-André Grenon would have jumped on her and strangled her with a belt whose broken buckle was found on the scene. “He took advantage of Guylaine’s very vulnerable situation to sneakily attack her, control and master her, to facilitate the perpetration of a sexual assault,” explained Mr.e Bernard.

Once Guylaine Potvin was unconscious, Marc-André Grenon allegedly committed the sexual assault of which he is accused, a chronology supported by the testimony of a forensic pathologist according to which the injuries from the assault were caused while the victim’s heart was still beating, he then detailed.

“Despite all the strength and determination that Guylaine was able to give, Marc-André Grenon succeeded in his project which was precisely to satisfy his sexual urges. And this, at all costs, even if the death of his victim were to result. For Marc-André Grenon, on the night of April 27 to 28, 2000, the end justified the means. »

More details to come.

reference: www.lapresse.ca

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