22 repeat offenders arrested in Barcelona for robbing with violence or stealing at the beginning of the bridge

  • Those arrested accumulate 151 records related to this type of crime

  • In most cases they respond to crimes committed at night

The Mossos d’Esquadra have detained in four days a total of 22 people accused of having committed violent robbery or theft in Barcelona. As reported by the body, those arrested accumulate 151 related background with this type of crime.

The arrests have been carried out between last Friday at sunset and this Monday, and in most cases they respond to crimes committed at night. Thus, the alleged perpetrators were looking for objects of value such as cell phones, watches or handbags and sometimes they performed in a group.

This is the case of a gang of four thieves who surrounded some young people to steal their phones. The victims confronted their assailants to prevent the robbery, at which point some agents intervened and were able to arrest the assailants.

A shaken bridge

This was not the only police intervention over the weekend. In another performance, some agents detained ‘red-handed’ a suspected multi-repeat thief, 21 years old and with 15 police records, for having ripped a gold chain from a victim’s neck.

On Sunday morning, the Mossos intercepted another person who had just abducted with violence –Attacking the victim– a watch valued at 22,000 euros.

Monday at noon, another thief with eight priors assaulted a tourist and he stole his watch, valued at 1,500 euros. The Mossos detected the robbery and saw how the thief fled the place and how the victim was chasing him. Finally, he was arrested. A short time later, the agents detected another person who was running in a suspicious manner and who was being chased by a group of young men. The officers stopped him and witnesses explained that he had tried to yank his mobile phone away.

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In another performance on Monday evening, the Mossos stopped and stopped Tree men to the Eixample district as alleged perpetrators of the violent theft of a laptop valued at 1,400 euros. Among the 3 detainees accumulate 64 police arrests.

And, a few hours later, in Ciutat Vella, plainclothes agents saw how a man who was riding a bicycle had stolen a mobile phone from a woman who was walking. The victim resisted and the author fled the scene by bicycle, but the police officers were able to intercept him.


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