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Police hope an Alberta resident learned an important lesson this week after his rental car was impounded after receiving two tickets within 45 minutes.

RCMP says a 21-year-old from Edmonton en route to Vancouver was initially caught speeding on Dec. 21, around 3 p.m., heading west on Highway 3, approximately five miles west of Princeton.

Police say he was going 127 km / h in a 100 zone when a BC Highway Patrol vehicle patrolling along Highway 3 pulled him over for speeding.

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RCMP noted that the violation occurred in a double lane section, with the right lane clear, but with packed snow and ice in the passing lane.

After receiving a speeding ticket, the 21-year-old was allowed to continue.

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However, 45 minutes later, he was stopped by another BC Highway Patrol vehicle after a dangerous pass on a downhill section with a sharp curve.

According to the Princeton RCMP, the stretch of highway featured one westbound downhill lane and two eastbound uphill lanes, with a solid double yellow line separating traffic.

Police say a semi-trailer was driving down a lane of downhill traffic at 30km / h in preparation for the next hairpin bend, when a five-ton flatbed stopped in the eastbound passing lane, crossing the double lines. continuous, in an attempt to overtake. the semi.

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A commercial vehicle security and compliance (CVSE) vehicle then pulled out, with its hazard lights on, in an attempt to stop the rig, but was interrupted by the 21-year-old, who also decided to pass the semi-trailer.

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Police say the CVSE driver had to slam on the brakes, and the 21-year-old lined up again.

But after the CVSE driver passed, the 21-year-old stepped out again and headed for the solid double pass down the hill, passing in front of an unmarked BC Highway Patrol pickup truck as he did so.

The 21-year-old was taken into custody shortly, and the Princeton RCMP said he was imposed multiple fines, including speeding and chasing.

Additionally, the BC Highway Patrol contacted the rental company and was told to seize the vehicle and return it to the nearest airport, which turned out to be Kelowna.

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Police say a passing empty tow truck was stopped, and the Jeep Compass was towed to Kelowna.

Princeton RCMP said the 21-year-old was taken to Princeton and left.

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The next day, police say the man called 911 multiple times and asked the RCMP to find a way for him to Vancouver, as his vehicle was impounded.

The Princeton Mounted Police said they held two separate one-hour conversations with the man, explaining that it is not up to the police to secure his accommodation or transportation, before taking him to the bus station.

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Global News has contacted the rental company for comment.

Earlier this month, the BC Highway Patrol asked motorists to be careful on Highway 3, telling them, “Take a little extra time and don’t rush. By slowing down, you allow yourself more time to perceive and react to emerging situations that can prevent an accident, keeping our vital links open to traffic during this challenging time. “

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