2023 elections in Serbia | Opposition files complaint for “fraud” in Belgrade

(Belgrade) One of the Serbian opposition parties filed a complaint on Friday against alleged “fraud” in Belgrade on the part of the ruling party, the SNS (nationalist right) of President Aleksandar Vucic, during the early legislative and local elections of the December 17, 2023.

“We are starting the legal fight today, I hope intensively and with a large number of complaints that will follow,” Miodrag Gavrilovic, Serbian MP and vice-president of the Democratic Party (DS), member of the opposition coalition Serbia Against Violence (SPN).

This coalition denounces “irregularities” and calls for the annulment of the elections won at national level by the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) with 46.75% of the votes, and which also came first in the ballot for the Belgrade municipal council, securing 49 of the 110 seats.

This result ensures the SNS an absolute majority of seats in the National Assembly, namely 129 out of 250, according to the final results published Friday by the Electoral Commission, confirming the full results announced at the beginning of January. The SPN list, made up of twelve parties, will have 65 seats.

Denouncing a “large-scale theft”, Mr. Gavrilovic explained that he had filed a complaint against municipal officials in the capital responsible for the list of voters, which they had modified, according to him, in a “fraudulent” manner, before the elections.

The opposition claims that voters not living in Belgrade were registered there by the SNS to vote in its favor. She also accuses the government of having organized the transport of Bosnian Serbs – who also have Serbian nationality – to vote in Belgrade, where an opposition coalition claimed to have a chance of winning.

Mr. Gavrilovic specified that the “criminal complaint” he had filed contained “120 pieces of evidence” relating to approximately 600 addresses declared in Belgrade by voters and which correspond, according to him, to “non-residential real estate units”, in particular “ car repair garages, electrical substations, daycare centers, grocery stores, etc. “.

He mentioned the recent registration of “more than 3,000 voters”, some “for a period of 5 or 10 days”. “It’s making a mockery of the law. This cannot exist in well-ordered states (…). We have evidence (…) that people who live in Nova Varos (260 km south of Belgrade, editor’s note) voted in Belgrade,” he said.

Thousands of people demonstrated almost every day between December 18 and 30 in front of the Electoral Commission to demand the cancellation of the vote. A next demonstration is planned for Tuesday evening.


Demonstration in Belgrade, December 30

President Aleksandar Vucic rejects these accusations, and says that these were the “cleanest” elections in the democratic history of the Balkan country.

International observers, including those from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), also reported “irregularities” during the vote, including “vote buying” and “ballot box stuffing”.

reference: www.lapresse.ca

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