Town of Collingwood considers banning fireworks

The Town of Collingwood is considering banning traditional fireworks, citing noise and environmental concerns. The town notes a growing concern about the negative impacts of fireworks “on wildlife and domestic animals.” It states the loud noises cause “panic responses that can have dire consequences on animal health and well-being.” It also mentions the “serious environmental […]

Donald Trump’s pressure on Justice to lie: “Just say that (the elections) were corrupt and leave the rest to me and the Republican congressmen”

The fifth public session of the committee investigating the assault on Capitol Hill demonstrates the president’s attempt to put in a puppet attorney general Multiple names of Republican congressmen who sought pardons from the president before he left office are revealed The fifth public hearing of the committee investigating the assault on the Capitol has […]

Many cold-blooded species barely age at all

Being a turtle, the secret of eternal youth? The low aging observed in cold-blooded species calls into question, according to two studies published Thursday, the idea that progressive biological degradation, which leads to the death of animals, is inevitable. Beyond a few specific cases — such as the 190-year-old “Jonathan” turtle — the issue had […]