La publicación tergiversa la historia de los demócratas de oponerse a los monopolios de plataformas –

Toma rápida La oferta de $ 44 mil millones de Elon Musk para comprar Twitter fue criticada por varios demócratas prominentes. Pero una publicación en las redes sociales afirma engañosamente que los demócratas no se pronunciaron en contra de que las empresas compraran a sus competidores y crearan monopolios hasta que Musk compró Twitter. Los […]

A much more multicultural Conservative than Trudeau

OTTAWA | The enigmatic mayor of Brampton, Patrick Brown, candidate for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada, will rub shoulders with his five opponents for the first time on Wednesday evening, after having campaigned almost exclusively with cultural communities. At the Château Kabab restaurant in west Montreal, his promise to attack the State […]

Putin Preparing ‘Protracted Conflict’ Beyond Donbas, Could Escalate Nuclear Threats: Senior US Intelligence Official

Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing for a “protracted conflict” in Ukraine and could resort to drastic measures if the fighting does not go his way, according to Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines. During a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Tuesday, Haines said Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has caused a shock to the […]

The City will invest $8.8 million to redevelop the surroundings of the future Sannaq center

Starting next fall, the City of Montreal will kick off a series of redevelopments around the future Sanaaq center, near the Atwater metro station, whose inauguration is scheduled for 2023. The layout concept was developed by the architectural firm Lemay following consultations. The work sites will concern Place Henri-Dunant, Hector-Toe-Blake Park, Tupper and du Sussex […]

A man in court for injuring his baby

A young father from Saguenay is accused of aggravated assault on his baby less than two months old. According to the indictment, the alleged acts took place over several weeks, from December 19, 2021 to March 3, 2022. For the moment, it is impossible to know if the victim, a young baby, will have any […]

Heavy rain, snow melt creates ‘perfect storm’ for flooding in northern Alberta, says chief | The Canadian News

As rising floodwaters forced his family to flee their home community of Chateh in northern Alberta, Robby Didzena remained behind.  The 19-year-old high school student was among a small number of community members who stayed in the remote northern Alberta community through the weekend, in an attempt to protect local homes from damage. Chateh is about […]

Eurovision 2022: Ukraine, Norway and Greece consolidate as favorites after qualifying in the first semifinal

The Netherlands and Armenia also meet the forecasts and Iceland surprises with Systur and its ‘Með Hækkandi Sól’ AlbanianLatvia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Denmark and Austria were eliminated from the musical contest Start the competition in 66th Eurovision Song Contest with the top ten finalists, who will join the members of the Big 5 in the […]

Impact Assessment Act ‘unconstitutional’ says Alberta Court of Appeal, Ottawa to challenge

The Impact Assessment Act passed by the federal government in 2019 infringes on provincial jurisdictions and is therefore unconstitutional, the Alberta Court of Appeal ruled in a ruling on Tuesday. Four out of five justices believe the Act “is a classic example of legislative encroachment” that poses an “existential threat” to the country’s Constitution. Federal […]