West Island community calendar for the week of April 21

Breadcrumb Trail Links West Island Gazette Off-Island Gazette Contribute to the Gazette’s West Island/Off-Island community calendar by email at [email protected] Dalya Lawless-Boisvert, 19, and 18-year-old Presley Wright-Maurais package Light A Dream’s Ukrainian handmade candles. All donations for a free Ukrainian candle will be given to the Canadian Red Cross Humanitarian Crisis Appeal Fund. Since 1999, […]

Install the State Forestry Council

Governor Rocha led the reinstatement of this organization, together with the director of CONAFOR, Luis Meneses Murillo Culiacán, Sinaloa, April 19, 2022.- To protect our forests, take advantage of ecosystems and their natural resources, Governor Rubén Rocha Moya led the reinstatement of the State Forestry Council, an interdisciplinary body in which the State Government, City […]

Durham school board creates controversy after children’s book pulled from shelves

Award-winning indigenous author David Alexander Robertson.JOHN WOODS/The Canadian Press David A. Robertson, the award-winning Native American author of a children’s book pulled from library shelves at the Durham District School Board, calls a DDSB discussion of the matter a “sham.” At its regular board meeting Tuesday night, the DDSB discussed the controversy surrounding the temporary […]

Organization denounces a black year for the press with a record of journalists murdered and imprisoned

Threats to press freedom have been exacerbated in Latin Americawith records of journalists murdered and imprisoned, media raided and restrictive legislation, warned the Inter American Press Association. “We are closing a black semester for journalism in the Americas,” said Carlos Jonet, in charge of the Commission on Freedom of the Press and Information of the […]

Russian Doll Summary: Derailed

Russian doll exquisite corpse Season 2 episode 5 Publisher Rating 4 stars **** Photo: Netflix With “Exquisite Corpse”, Russian doll makes his biggest trip yet: to Budapest in 1944, shortly before the Soviet army invaded the city. Nadia boarded a 6 train intending to go to 1982, probably planning to open some floorboards in Vera’s […]

Can Canada and its G20 allies afford not to listen?

WASHINGTON — Senior government officials from Canada, the US and five European allies walked out of a G20 economic meeting in Washington on Wednesday when the Russian finance minister began to address the meeting virtually. An official familiar with what happened in the meetings said that the G20 plenary session had been addressed near its […]

Province launches strategy to revitalize Francophone tourism in Manitoba

Winnipeg- The province has announced a new strategy aimed at broadening Manitoba’s Francophone tourism experiences to draw more travelers to our province. The strategy looks to highlight French culture in Saint Boniface and 17 other Francophone communities across the province. “Manitoba has the largest Francophone community in Western Canada showcasing unique and historic architecture, thriving […]

Balarama Holness annonce la création d’un nouveau parti au Québec

L’ex-candidat à la mairie avait convié la presse devant l’Assemblée nationale, mercredi matin, pour annoncer la création de sa nouvelle formation politique : Mouvement Québec. Il était pour l’occasion accompagné de certains candidats défaits aux dernières élections municipales sous la bannière de son autre parti, Mouvement Montréal. De son propre aveu, M. Holness vise surtout les votes […]