Les urgences de l’Estrie sous pression

Dans tous les hôpitaux de l’Estrie en ce moment c’est surchargé, il y a beaucoup de patients hospitalisés dans les urgences et beaucoup de patients en attente en ambulatoire. On a 120 hospitalisations en lien avec la COVID, la sixième vague nous touche autant que la cinquième, et nous avons aussi encore beaucoup de personnel de […]

PRI accuses his deputy Carlos Miguel Aysa of being a traitor because he will vote in favor of AMLO’s electricity reform

After the federal deputy of the PRI, Carlos Miguel Aysa, announced that he would vote in favor of the Electricity Reform of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the national leader of his party maintained that this initiative will not pass, even with the betrayal of one of his legislators. This Wednesday, Carlos Miguel Aysa DamasPRI […]

Emotional return home for Wheatley residents

Joe and Reija Gruber greeted their neighbor Becky Lam with a big hug Wednesday afternoon. Residents of Foster Street in Wheatley were happy to see each other once again. “It’s a little overwhelming but I’m so excited to get back to the neighbors and everybody on the street coz they adopted us as soon as […]

Defense and national security: new artillery will head to Ukraine

AP Photo President Biden announced Wednesday that his administration would authorize $800 million in additional security assistance for Ukraine, including artillery, helicopters and armored personnel carriers. We’ll detail what’s in the package, including weapons not previously shipped to Ukraine, plus plans the Pentagon is considering to train Ukrainian soldiers and more in a damning new […]

“Raspberry time”: Sandrine Bisson has a blast

Sandrine Bisson is terrific in the new offering of Club illico Raspberry timePhilippe Falardeau’s first TV production. The actress can, in the same scene, laugh, cry, go into raptures or become impatient, transmitting the emotion like no other. She brings all the energy we know her to this fiction written by Florence Longpré (Audrey came […]

241 guns surrendered in Sask. amnesty program

Hundreds of guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition have been turned into police services across Saskatchewan under a month-long amnesty program. The Saskatoon Police Service (SPS) displayed some of the 241 guns surrendered. “What we think this program does is reduce the availability for criminals to access firearms,” Saskatoon Police Chief Troy Cooper said. […]

Le trafic de cocaïne abordé au procès de Steve Lévesque, accusé de meurtre

Alors qu’il était interrogé par la procureure Manon Gaudreault, Michaël Pelletier a reconnu avoir vendu de la cocaïne pendant une période d’environ six mois avec Maxime Dugas-Lepage pour qui il effectuait des livraisons de drogue. Devant la cour, il a dit avoir arrêté ses activités liées au trafic de cocaïne lors de la disparition de la victime, en janvier 2020. […]

Agreement between Nuevo León and Texas is an incentive for motor carriers: Canacar

The executive vice president of the National Chamber of Freight Transport (Canacar)Refugio Muñoz, considered as positive the agreement reached this Wednesday between the governments of Nuevo León and Texas to return to daily inspections of the trucks that cross the Solidaridad-Colombia international bridge and hopes that it will be replicated with the other border entities. […]

Easter Netflix premieres

This Holy Week is marked in Netflix for several long-awaited comebacks, such as ‘Elite’ or the second season of ‘Bridgerton’, but there are also other premiere series like ‘The heirs of the Earth’, and movies like ‘Anatomy of a Scandal’. Keep reading….

Daily progress of the application of the vaccine against Covid-19 in Mexico as of April 12, 2022

CORONAVIRUS INFOGRAPHIC DATA The vaccination program against the coronavirus began on December 24, 2020. For its execution, the doses contracted are available from different global pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer-BioNTech, AstraZeneca, Cansino Biologic, Sputnik and Covax, the production mechanism headed by the Organization World Health Organization (WHO). To this day, this is how vaccination goes in the […]