L’équipe canadienne de soccer masculin cherche à revenir à la Coupe du monde, 37 ans après sa victoire historique à St. John’s | The Canadian News

San Jose, Costa Rica, est loin de St. John’s, T.-N.-L., mais les deux pourraient être liés à jamais si le Canada battait les Costaricains jeudi pour s’assurer une qualification pour la Coupe du monde. LIRE LA SUITE : À la veille de la qualification pour la Coupe du monde, l’entraîneur du Canada voit encore une marge […]

Predecessor of Jerry Dias ‘disheartened’ over allegations against former Unifor head

The predecessor for the former national auto workers’ union president says he’s been left “disheartened” by new allegations against Jerry Dias — details that threaten the reputation the union has spent years trying to build. Canada’s largest private sector union alleged Wednesday that its former national president Jerry Dias accepted $50,000 from a supplier of […]

Metro stations that look like shooting galleries

Many citizens believe that the consumption problems in the Montreal metro are worse than ever. At the Papineau station, the TVA Nouvelles team was able to observe that people were injecting drugs on the métro platform, and throwing their dirty needles on the tracks. During the passage of TVA Nouvelles, at least 50 syringes were […]

‘Will be changed very shortly’: Premier confident nuclear energy generation will be coming to Sask.

Despite being one of the world’s largest producers of uranium, Saskatchewan currently does not generate nuclear energy. Premier Scott Moe said on Thursday that it will change “very shortly”. “We’re actively looking as we have to lower our emissions in the electricity generation portfolio. One of those options most certainly are small modular reactors,” Moe […]

Students on the street for the climate

Hundreds of students are expected to demonstrate in front of the National Assembly on Friday afternoon in Quebec City, when more than 87,000 of them will be on strike across the province to protest climate inaction. Similar events are also planned in Montreal, Sherbrooke and Joliette at the same time, as part of the World […]

Unvaccinated Windsor-Essex COVID cases four times more likely to die than boostered cases, says health unit

Breadcrumb Trail Links Local News Publishing date: Mar 24, 2022 • 22 minutes ago • 2 minute read • Join the conversation An electron microscope image of SARS-CoV-2 particles, as captured at the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Integrated Research Facility in 2020. Photo by Associated Press /Windsor Star Article content Local […]

Un des seuls centres de détention pour jeunes ferme ses portes au Manitoba

Les personnes actuellement détenues seront transférées vers le Centre correctionnel pour les jeunes du Manitoba, à Winnipeg. Centre correctionnel pour les jeunes du Manitoba Photo : Radio-Canada / Amine Ellatify Le ministre de la Justice, Kelvin Goertzen, a expliqué en conférence de presse, jeudi, que le centre est sous-utilisé depuis des années. Il opère actuellement à 29 % […]