Friday, December 3

CoV commission for compulsory vaccination and child vaccination

All of Austria remains deep red on the CoV traffic light, i.e. in the highest risk area. That emerged from the meeting of the responsible commission this afternoon. The committee sees “the medical care of the Austrian population in large parts of the country seriously threatened”. The announced compulsory vaccination is expressly welcomed, as well as third stitch and child vaccination. Measures in the school sector can only be seen as an “ultima ratio”.

The commission recommends to force the booster vaccination, which could make a significant contribution to dampening the current wave. In view of the recommendation made by the EMA and the National Vaccination Committee for the vaccination of children from the age of five, it is also suggested that vaccination programs be set up immediately for this group as well.

Number of risks declining in three federal states

A small glimmer of hope emerges from the data discussed in the commission. According to the working document, the number of risks is falling in three countries, including the problem regions of Upper Austria and Salzburg.

For several weeks now, however, the decisive factor in terms of color has been the risk figure, which also includes factors other than pure case statistics. The age structure of the infected and their vaccination status are taken into account here. From 100 the red zone of the very high risk of infection begins.

All countries clearly skip this mark. Despite an increase, Vienna still has the best number at just under 293, ahead of Burgenland at 357, although the risk number there has fallen as in Upper Austria and Salzburg. The worst value continues to be in Tyrol with 2,204, followed by Vorarlberg with 1,777, for which, like Lower Austria, a very high risk is forecast in the intensive care units – a gloomy scenario that already applies to Upper Austria and Salzburg.

There is nothing new about the school traffic light. Here all federal states remain in the highest risk level three.

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