Friday, December 3

“Afghan girl” known by photo now in Rome

Piercing green eyes look suspiciously frightened from the face of an Afghan girl in a red veil: The photo of the refugee Sharbat Gula by photographer Steve McCurry became world-famous in the mid-1980s. The Italian government has now evacuated the middle-aged woman in her late 40s from Afghanistan and brought her to Rome. The official seat of Prime Minister Mario Draghi announced today.

Aid organizations had carried on the woman’s appeal to leave the country that was taken over by the militant Islamic Taliban in August. The Draghi government then organized their departure to Italy in connection with the evacuation plan for Afghan citizens.

McCurry photographed Gula in 1984 in the Pakistani refugee camp Nasir Bagh, where the girl had fled during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. “Afghan Girl” (the Afghan girl) stood for the suffering of the Afghan people at that time. Her photo appeared on the cover of National Geographic magazine the following year. After that, the trace of the woman was initially lost. After the end of the Taliban rule, McCurry was able to find her again in 2002.

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