There is a third person missing in the same place where Gabby Petito disappeared Two other travelers have been reported missing there this summer Could that place be a path of death? Gabby Petito other victims. Everything seems to indicate that the Gabby Petito case is not over yet, since after finding the body of […]

Lawyers for the inheritance of slain billionaires Barry and Honey Sherman warned of “violence” and “kidnapping” if the files are made public, but the unsealed documents show they had no evidence.

When lawyers for the estate of slain billionaires Barry and Honey Sherman asked a judge to seal the probate files in 2018, they warned the court of the “risks of violence and kidnapping” for heirs and estate administrators if they files were made public. That specific written warning was included in a footnote to a […]

Petry recognizes himself as Romanov

Jeff Petry admits to recognizing himself a little when he observes Alexander Romanov. He may not have the same energy and exuberance as the 21-year-old Russian, but he had to continue his progression to maintain his place in the NHL and become a key part of a team. Romanov is preparing to play a second […]

Ecuador: 4 keys that explain what is behind the prison massacre that left at least 116 dead, the worst in the country’s history – El Tiempo Latino

Norberto Paredes @norbertparedes BBC News World At least 116 dead and about 80 wounded, all prisoners. That was the balance left this Wednesday by the last confrontation between rival gangs at the Number 1 Center for the Deprivation of Liberty in Guayaquil, Ecuador, an event that became the bloodiest in the country’s prison history. Tuesday […]

McGill lacrosse team to resume play for 2022-23 season

Breadcrumb Trail Links sports Local news Players remain upset, saying the university missed an opportunity to acknowledge the mistake and apologize on National Truth and Reconciliation Day. Author of the article: Stu cowan • Montreal Gazette How can McGill honestly issue a press release today on Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Day that discusses McGill’s lacrosse, […]

Opinion | The Leafs make sure there is one less thing for head coach Sheldon Keefe to worry about, extending his contract before the crucial season

The Maple Leafs want the waters around Sheldon Keefe to be as calm as possible during this high-stakes season. By giving Keefe a two-year extension that puts him under contract to 2023-24, the Leafs eliminated the inevitable questions or speculation about their head coach’s future that would have accompanied any three-game losing streak. Without the […]

To counter the surge in energy prices, Jean Castex draws a “tariff shield” until spring

Aurel How to put out the smoldering fire seven months from a presidential election without raining billions of public money? Faced with a qualified increase of “Historical” gas and electricity prices, Prime Minister Jean Castex thinks he has found the suitable weapon: “The tariff shield”. Invited on TF1’s television news, Thursday, September 30, to announce […]